'Less is more' says one of the basic principles that Rado designers follow in the creation of a new watch.

It means that Rado purposefully leaves out anything that might disturb the overall appearance of its watches or impair their clarity and expressiveness. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that Rado watches take the stage with captivating agelessness and majestic purity.

Form alone, however, is not inherently valuable. What really counts is the perfect harmony of form and content. Rado design is the outer expression of an inner perfection. This is why functional design is of supreme importance for Rado. Precision and accuracy of the movement go without saying, but the scratchproof and skin–friendly materials, the brilliance of the watch, easy manipulation of the crown and wearer–comfort are decisive criteria for Rado watches. A watch should be not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear.

Scratchproof philosophy

Rado President Roland Streule answers as follows: "Rado watches are the perfect synthesis of special materials and exceptional design".

And a closer look at the Rado philosophy reveals other basic principles that are of central importance to this innovative watch company. For instance, that authenticity is essential – which applies particularly to the consistent use of sophisticated scratchproof materials. Where this is not possible or when an additional touch of exclusivity is desired for a new creation, Rado chooses the best, most precious materials that exist: genuine diamonds, 18-carat gold and skin-friendly titanium.


For Rado, the development of a new watch means coming to terms with time in the search for an outstanding creation that is convincing in material and form. As a result, the watch does not simply reflect a function but embodies a way of thinking that reveals itself in the design.

Rado watches polarize – because they do not appeal to everybody at first sight. There is a process of 'finding out' between the interested customer and the watch. This process and the attitude of mind that accompanies it correspond fully with the Rado philosophy. "We do not want to simply manufacture watches that cater to current tastes. Our watches should have the potential to become classics because of their individualistic form and their scratchproof materials", says Rado President Roland Streule, "or to put it another way, they should be watches that are beautiful and remain beautiful. Watches made from scratchproof materials with an unmistakable design". And this means watches for special people, who live their special lives to the full with style.

Excellent choice

After the launching of the Rado brand in the 1950s, the pursuance of a strategy as purposeful as this – combined with clearly recognizable and provable advantages for customers – quickly brought worldwide success for Rado among consumers and within the watch trade.

The Rado success story has been reinforced by numerous international design awards. This double confirmation – from the wide customer acceptance and from the acknowledgement by prestigious design institutions – proves to Rado that it is on the right track. And it also acts as a stimulus to the constant evolution and optimization that results in new, even better products. With the objective of being able to offer customers an even more extensive, even more superlative range of products and services.

No frills, clear-lined, modern, innovative, pure – these are the qualities that distinguish the form of Rado watches. And they are the qualities that are so appreciated by Rado customers.

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