Ernest Jones is an official Raymond Weil retailer

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The RAYMOND WEIL watch range at Ernest Jones features a wide choice of men's watches and ladies' watches. The men's range features a variety of styles from classic chronograph designs with leather straps to stainless steel bracelet style watches featuring modern design elements. The ladies' collection features slightly smaller dials and bracelet style straps. The collection ranges in price from £475 to £3995.


Mr Raymond Weil launched the watch brand back in 1976 in Geneva Switzerland. Raymond's son-in-law Oliver Bernheim joined the business in 1982, followed by RAYMOND WEIL's third generation in 2006, Elie and Pierre Bernheim ensuring family continuity. The luxurious watch brand is the result of three generations whose combined passion has maintained the company's heritage and international status.

Swiss Brand

RAYMOND WEIL combines the elements of Swiss excellence as well as beauty.

Situated in Geneva, the home of Switzerland's finest watch makers RAYMOND WEIL combines the elements of Swiss excellence as well as beauty. With an award winning precision movements campaign RAYMOND WEIL'S attention to detail and quality is constant. Swiss watch making skills and knowledge is reflected in RAYMOND WEIL'S craftsmanship and technical material choices.

BRIT Awards

In 2008 RAYMOND WEIL became an official partner of the BRIT Awards. One of the most renowned events in the music industry, RAYMOND WEIL designed an exclusive timepiece for the awards, the Freelancer limited edition set with full cut diamonds. In 2010 RAYMOND WEIL created 30 limited edition watches the Noemia 5927-STS 00995 to celebrate the Brits 30th anniversary. RAYMOND WEIL timepieces have been spotted on the arms of previous Brit Award winners Florence from Florence and the Machine and Dizzee Rascal. With RAYMOND WEIL'S long associastion with music, the luxury watch brand strongly supports The Live List Club, giving upcoming and unknown artists the opportunity to perform a gig. The brand has also supported the prestigious Classic Brit Awards and unveiled their own music talent competitions.

Ernest Jones has a definitive watch collection and is proud to bring you a special selection of timepieces from the world's most sought after brands including RAYMOND WEIL.
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