Tresor Paris Jewellery

Multiple award-winning jewellery brand Tresor Paris has the vision of reaching a vast audience by producing contemporary jewellery, whilst maintaining glamour and timeless appeal. Tresor Paris has developed into a celebrity favourite, showcasing a Parisian inspired crystal collection and bridging the gap between diamonds and luxury fashion jewellery.

Inspired by his home city and having gained the expertise from decades of jewellery history, Maurice Lousky and Sam Hasbini launched Tresor Paris in 2010. It has since taken the fashion world by storm with its stunning Parisian inspired designs, ensuring that fine quality is at the heart of every dynamic collection.

From sparkling crystal earrings to luxury bangles and elegant necklaces, Tresor Paris brings a touch of sophisticated sparkle and contemporary chic to everyday style.

The beautiful Bellatrix collection:

These fabulous vintage-inspired designs with a modern twist capture the mood of this season. This ready to wear collection exudes sparkling sophistication and is a perfect complement for a chic day look yet adding elegance to evening wear. The ever growing Bellatrix collection is an accessible range loved by all ages.

The elegant Cygnus collection:

A timeless blend of freshwater pearls, white crystal encrusted beads bound by Tibetan style cord, and sterling silver chains with cascading two-tone crystals. The Cygnus collection is the embodiment of effortless style, elegance and sophistication, making the perfect addition to any outfit, smart or casual.

The sensational Purple collection:

Stunning purple crystal bracelets, necklaces and earrings, offering a unique combination of opulent glamour and boho chic style. The Purple collection consists of vibrant purple bracelets, necklaces and earrings, made from the finest quality crystal for a touch of feminine glamour.

The must-have Belle Rose collection:

A heavenly blend of blush tones and romantic hues, featuring two-tone crystals in a lavish array of colours, from plush pinks to royal blues. The Belle Rose collection ranges from crystal-encrusted necklaces to spherical stud earrings and beaded bracelets bound by Tibetan-style cord.


Tresor Paris is a firm believer that the success achieved should be extended to helping others, and they are proud to craft beautiful stylish jewellery to support numerous charities.