Pack Your Jewellery

How Should You Pack Your Jewellery When Travelling?

It’s here! It’s finally here! The summer holiday you’ve been waiting all spring for.

You’ve set the obligatory out of office message, your swimwear, sandals and sun cream have been packed, but what about your jewellery? It’s your holiday, of course you’re going to want to look your best and show off your accessories, but how is best to get them there in one piece?
Sure, they’re often small and don’t take up much space (or so we think), but it’s important to protect your preciouses so your holiday photographs stand out as much as that diamond ring does.

Can I Bring Jewellery in My Carry On?

Valuable items such as your jewellery should always be carried in your hand luggage, if possible. If you’re set on bringing your expensive sets, you will want to keep those close to you, so packing them into your carry-on-bag is wise. Carry-ons are much less likely to go missing.

How to Pack Your Jewellery

There are several ways to make sure your jewellery makes it with you in one piece and we’ve broken them down below.

How to Pack Rings

For rings, you can simply use the no frills option of a small sealable plastic bag. This will of course allow you to see exactly what you have inside, as well as protecting the rings from any potential spillages. Other options include tucking them into a silk jewellery pouch or, if you have a jewellery roll or organiser, you could store them in there. Perhaps it’s time to invest in one?

How to Pack Earrings

If you opted to invest in a jewellery roll then be sure to make use of the compartments for earrings. If not, here are a few creative options for you.

One extremely effective way is making use of those spare buttons you have from all those old clothes you no longer wear. If you’re only planning on bringing some studs or smaller earrings, you can just take one of the spare buttons and assign an earring to one of the holes in the button. This is an organised way of keeping pairs matched up. You can then just pop the buttons in a soft pouch and store them safely within your luggage. The one drawback of this is that buttons often find themselves falling to the depths of your bags, so be sure to keep track of where you put them.

Failing that, or if you plan on bringing quite the collection, acquire a piece of cardboard (perhaps even a paper plate) and punch some holes in with the tip of a pen. You can then pop your earrings in, fasten the clasp and see them all at a glance. The downside? A little bigger than a fabric bag, so you may need to pack creatively, but you will be able to easily keep track of where your earrings are.

How to Pack Necklaces

You’ve got enough stress from preparing for your holiday, the last thing you want is more when you land and must spend some of your well-earned holiday time untangling your favourite necklace before you go out for the day or night. Travelling with necklaces is difficult. They always seem to find a way to wrestle with each other in transit and end up intertwined.

Your best friend here? Straws.

A tried, tested and favoured method of transporting your necklace, loop one end of the necklace through the straw and fasten the clasp. It’s as simple as that and will ensure your necklace remains tangle free. This may take up a little more space, but you’ll thank yourself later when you spend that free time lounging by the pool.

If you don’t have access to straws, or perhaps just don’t want to use them, then a silk jewellery bag would work well. Place the necklace inside the pouch, being sure to drape the chain out, so the chain is around the bags’ clasp. This will ensure the necklace remains tangle-free. Again, a small sealable plastic bag would also work well, making sure that a small section of the chain is kept on the outside.

How Do You Carry Jewellery When Travelling?

You have several options here. A well-designed jewellery roll is a great way to bring several pieces of jewellery on your holiday. The best part? It only takes up a small amount of space in your luggage.

A jewellery pouch is another great option. Remember the button trick for your earrings? And the necklace around the clasp tip? Perfect for a jewellery pouch. If you don’t want to invest in either of those things, a simple plastic quart bag will do the trick. A no frills option that comes with its own set of perks: you can see all your jewellery at once, the bag easily closes, is waterproof, durable and cheap to replace.

A small jewellery box, or a pill case, is perhaps best if you are planning on travelling with several pieces of jewellery. They may take up a little extra room, but you won’t have to worry about tangled necklaces or missing rings.