the ultimate jewellery guide

The ultimate jewellery wearing guide

Jewellery can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit but sometimes it is tricky to know what to wear with what and what's appropriate for where.

This is your ultimate jewellery wearing guide so that you know exactly what to wear with every outfit and for every occasion. If you follow these tips you are sure to get it right every single time.

Jewellery for the little black dress

Everyone knows that the little black dress is a wardrobe staple, but to make this look work you will need to put some thought into the jewellery you choose to wear with it. The jewellery you choose will depend entirely on the style of your dress; if your dress is strapless, choose a simple pendant necklace.

If your dress has a high neck, go for a statement necklace to add some glamour to your look or if your dress has a U-shaped neck line, add a strand of pearls to keep your style classic.

How you wear your hair is likely to influence the earrings you wear too. If you wear your hair down you will want to wear some drop earrings to make sure they are seen. If wear your hair up, go for a simple pair of diamond stud earrings that will add a touch of sparkle to your look.

The little black dress is a style with sophistication and elegance; you want the jewellery you choose for this look to match. Pair yellow gold necklaces with yellow gold bracelets and earrings, wear white metals together and match pearls with pearls and diamonds with diamonds. If you want to add in a different element though, make it the gemstone in your cocktail ring.

There are so many alluring coloured gemstones to choose from. Have a look at our gemstone guide for inspiration or choose your birthstone for a ring with some significance.

Jewellery for holidays or weekend break

It's best to leave items of great monetary or sentimental value at home. But this doesn't mean you should leave all jewellery at home. A holiday is a great time to accessorize and the perfect excuse to expand your jewellery collection to include some inexpensive basics.

For the most part, stick with just a few neutral pieces – small hoop or stud earrings, a small pendant, and a bracelet or bangles. These are versatile pieces that will work with multiple outfits so you will always look polished.

Throw in a few quirky statement pieces too, such as a bold and chunky bangle from Michael Kors. Statement pieces can transform an outfit and will have you looking fabulous for that special evening out.

Jewellery for a night on the town

This is your chance to have some fun with the jewellery you wear. A big night out will involve getting all dressed up, you spend time on your hair and makeup so don't forget the jewellery. Go for high fashion pieces from designer brands such as Michael Kors, DKNY and Amanda Wakeley.

Take inspiration from fashion magazines or even our fashion jewellery and watches page; choose the trends that suit you and leave the ones that don't. You don't have to follow all the trends to keep your look up to date and stylish. Add an element of glamour to your look with statement pieces and don't be afraid to go bold and daring with colour.

Jewellery for graduation day

Graduation day is a very special and memorable day – one that you will want to look your best for. It is a day for sophisticated and elegant style and you will want to look polished and refined. Keep your look classic with a simple pendant, stud earrings and a delicate tennis bracelet. Choose your favourite metal and keep the look matching. Wear all yellow gold together or all white metals; whichever look you prefer.

Add a classic watch for effortless style and prepare for endless photos.

Pearls are a classic, sophisticated accessory for any occasion and any outfit. The most traditional take on pearls is a single or double strand necklace while other options include a pearl pendant or pearls evenly spaced around a chain. If you want to add a modern twist to this classic piece consider coloured pearls.

Jewellery for date night

On a date night you will want to impress, whether it is your first date or you have been in a relationship for years, you will want to show off your unique and personal style while keeping your look sexy and sophisticated. Bangles or stacking rings are a great way of letting your personality shine through as you can mix and match metals, styles and gemstones. Diamond stud earrings will add the perfect finishing touch.

Jewellery for the working lady

For work you will want to keep your jewellery understated. Simple pieces will make you look smart and refined. Go for a minimalist pendant and stud earrings; avoid wearing bracelets and bangles as these can get in the way of typing and other activities. Instead wear a classic watch for timekeeping and style. Choose a ring to complement your outfit and add a touch of your personality to your work attire.

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