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Ask a Watch Expert: TAG Heuer Carrera and TUDOR Black Bay

Join us for the first in our Ask An Expert series where Scott, one of our watch specialists, talks about the TAG Heuer Carrera and TUDOR Black Bay watch models. From what activities they're suitable for to their high technical movements and everything else in between, here's what he has to say.

3 May 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

The craftmanship, outstanding features and unique style are what sets luxury watches apart and we have a dedicated team that prides itself in its expertise. Our sales associate, Scott, knows a watch does so much more than tell the time and it’s the technical wizardry and artistry behind the horology that ignited his passion.

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Meet Scott

Scott has worked at Ernest Jones since June 2021 and applied for the role because he loves watches. His ever-growing collection currently consists of six timepieces, with many more on the horizon, he says. A large part of Scott’s day in store, is spent with the prestige watches, where he focuses talking customers through the models making sure his team are trained and up-to-date on all the brands and unique features. To develop his knowledge, he’s an avid blog reader and YouTuber to further his expertise. Here we bring you the first in our series of ‘Ask an Expert’ where Scott will discuss all there is to know about two of our most luxurious timepieces: TAG Heuer’s new Carrera and TUDOR’s Black Bay. Scott dishes the details on all things features, movement and care information and lets us know us his personal preferences when it comes to style. Scott answered the same questions on each model, here’s what he had to say.

The TAG Heuer Carrera

What’s the best feature of a TAG Heuer Carrera?

The TAG Heuer Carrera is a watch that, depending on the model, comes with a range of complications, but the one that truly captures the motorsports heritage of both the brand and the Carrera itself is the chronograph. Used for timing laps, whole races, or anything in between, the Carrera is most at home with the chronograph complication on the dial.

Which type of movement powers the TAG Heuer Carrera?

The Carrera comes with a range of movements. The top-end chronographs feature either TAG’s own Heuer 02 in house calibre with an impressive 80-hour power reserve or the workhorse Calibre 16 with its distinct 12, 6, 9 sub-dial layouts. The 3 hand gents collection makes use of the Calibre 5 automatic movement, a staple of TAG’s range for many years now – thanks to its highly dependable nature. For the ladies’ collection, the Carrera comes with either the Calibre 9 automatic movement or a top-end quartz mechanism.

What is the TAG Heuer Carrera suitable for?

The TAG Heuer Chronograph model is most suited to sports, more specifically the racetrack – it’s perfect for timing your run or lap time. If you want something more formal, the 3-hand collection will go as well with a suit as it does with jeans at the weekend. The diamond-set ladies’ models are suited to formal events but can still be a showstopper for less-dressy occasions.

What makes a TAG Heuer Carrera a must-have for watch enthusiasts?

The Carrera is a true icon in the world of motorsport. Launched in 1953, the watch is named after the Carrera Panamericana rally held on the open roads of Mexico between 1950 and 1954. Heuer as they were known then, was renowned for its motorsport timing stopwatches, and this new watch blended these into a wearable wristwatch for the first time in Heuer’s history. Fast forward 70 years and the Carrera is still a leading light in the world of motorsport-inspired timepieces, making it perfect for both the watch and car lovers out there.

What’s the best way to care for your TAG watch?

As ever, these watches are made to be worn. The Carrera is best on the wrist than left in the box. Just make sure to run your chronograph occasionally, just to keep everything ticking over, even if you aren’t timing anything other than what you’re cooking. Also remember that the Carrera isn’t a diving watch, and while it does have a water resistance of 100 metres, I don’t recommend that you take it underwater for too long.

What’s your favourite TAG Heuer Carrera design?

The new 3 hand collection, which launched last year, included a revamped 39mm case size model. The date moved down to 6 o'clock to give the dial greater symmetry, with the sunburst blue dial option being my pick of the bunch. A true ‘go-anywhere do anything’ watch, it’s ideal for the racetrack but also looks great with a suit. I’d recommend the bracelet strap, the H shaped links create a smooth and comfy fit for any wrist.

The TUDOR Black Bay

What’s the best feature of a TUDOR Black Bay?

I love its vintage-inspired looks, says Scott. Drawing on TUDOR'S dive watch heritage, with the 1958 TUDOR Submariner reference 7924 acting as the inspiration for the collection’s visual appeal, its modern technology builds on that successful formula to create the perfect watch. The signature snowflake handset featured across the Black Bay is a nod to TUDOR’s military divers’ heritage, with the hands designed to give military divers a clearer difference between the hour, minutes and second hands.

Which type of movement powers the TUDOR Black Bay?

Since 2015, most of TUDOR’s watches feature the in-house MT calibres. With a 70-hour power reserve as standard, chronometer certification from COSC, which TUDOR then tunes to +2 -2 seconds a day, a silicon mainspring for its anti-magnetic properties, these movements are industry leaders.

What is the TUDOR Black Bay suitable for?

The Black Bay collection has something for every occasion. The Heritage Black Bay and Black Bay 58s look at home with a wetsuit as they do with a wedding suit. If the event is strictly formal, the smooth bezel 32, 36 and 41 come to the fore, while the Steel and Gold models would sit well under the cuffs. The travellers out there may go for the practical pilot-inspired GMT, with its standout blue and red bezel. If you want to climb a mountain, the new Pro would be perfect on the peaks. For the sporty among us, the chronograph models offer a blend of diving and motorsport watches in a variety of colour combos. Whatever the occasion, there is a Black Bay to match.

What makes a TUDOR Black Bay a must-have for watch enthusiasts?

TUDOR says it offers the highest quality watch, for the most affordable price which is hard, if not impossible, to argue. Watches with the same specifications and qualities as the Black Bay retail for far more from other manufacturers, with some even offering less for more money. The vintage look and modern feel offer collectors the best of both worlds and have sparked a trend in the industry for the re-interpretation of classic designs, a trend that TUDOR continues to lead in.

What’s the best way to care for your TUDOR watch?

Wearing it! TUDOR watches are made to be worn and used, not left in a safe or in a watch box. They’re renowned for their robust quality and ability to tackle harsh environments, whether that be underwater, on the top of a mountain or even at the North Pole.

What’s your favourite TUDOR Black Bay design?

Personally, my favourite option is the Black Bay GMT. The blue and red 'Pepsi' bezel combines the colours from the regular Black Bay models while the red GMT hand gives the dial a pop of colour. The new Black Bay Pro is also a fantastic looking watch, looking more tool oriented in its execution of the GMT complication. TUDOR’s bracelets are also brilliant, the ceramic beads at the clasp give a very tactile open and close that also reduces wear and tear.

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