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Ask our Watch Expert: TUDOR Ranger

Welcome back to another instalment of our Ask an Expert series. Join our watch specialist, Scott, as he talks about the new TUDOR Ranger collection. From what activities it’s suitable for, to its movements and everything else in between, here’s what he has to say.

1 August 2022 Scott Gibson - Ernest Jones Watch Specialist

Tuesday, July 8th 1952. The British North Greenland Expedition leaves the comfort of London for the ice sheets of Greenland. Over the next two years, the intrepid members of the expedition studied the landscape they now called home, carrying out scientific studies and experiments in the extreme cold. For the entire time, the team were accompanied by their faithful companion; a TUDOR watch.

The Oyster Prince was as rigorously tested as the wrists it adorned. Daily time checks ensured its accuracy. The freezing temperatures, harsh winds and arctic waters put the watches to one of the most extreme real-world tests any timepiece has been known to endure. A test that TUDOR passed with flying colours. Today, 70 years later, TUDOR presents the new Ranger, a watch that embodies the spirit of the North Greenland Expedition and the tough, reliable nature of the original Oyster Prince.

The 2022 Ranger comes packaged in a 39mm stainless steel case, with three strap options; a steel bracelet with the new T-Fit rapid adjustment clasp, a leather and rubber hybrid strap and an olive green jacquard strap complete with a red and beige stripe down the middle. A boxed and domed sapphire crystal sits atop a matte black dial, with beige markers, numerals and hands. All with luminescent material mixed into the paint to make the dial legible in dim light.

TUDOR Ranger - The spirit of a tool watch

What’s the best feature of a TUDOR Ranger?

The first thing you notice about the Ranger is its simplicity. Anything superfluous to simply just telling the time is done away with, and clean lines and an easy-to-read dial take centre stage. A tool first (for explorers to see the time at a glance), the large Arabic numbers are striking in appearance and useful in design, but also give the Ranger one of the most legible dials on the market. Couple this with the arrow handset and a good amount of lume and you've got a watch suitable for all conditions on your own expeditions.

Which type of movement powers the TUDOR Ranger?

Inside the Ranger is TUDOR's in-house movement: the MT5402 calibre. It's this that gives it an extended 70-our power reserve as well as COSC chronometer certification for extreme accuracy. As with the rest of the watch, the movement is designed to be robust, with the silicon balance spring and the balance itself being resistant to both shocks and magnetism. With a movement of this quality in such an affordable package, the Ranger serves to underline the inimitable resurgence of Tudor, with a great entry price point and a one-for-all quality that has us enamoured. One we want on our wrists day in day out, all year round.

What is the TUDOR Ranger suitable for?

The Ranger would be most at home atop a glacier or up a mountain, but in everyday life, this is the piece that will sit just as well with your ripped-up cropped jeans as a linen-mix jacket, with a strong backstory. We see the jacquard striped strap with a shirt and shorts in summer. The stainless steel has a 007 vibe, while the leather strap is perfect for a 5am workout to 5pm golf. With its versatile and robust nature, the Ranger is made for the fun to the adventurous.

What makes a TUDOR Ranger a must-have for watch enthusiasts?

The big draw for any collector is the history the Ranger represents. And that's not just for the collection itself but for TUDOR as a brand. The name 'Ranger' has been part of TUDOR's thinking since 1929, to spotlight the more adventurous models in the range. In the '60s, Ranger became a watch collection and the rest is history as they say. The latest version is a tribute to the North Greenland Expedition, a significant event in TUDOR's history as it showed just how good their watches were. As a contemporary reissue of the understated tool watch with a 70-year history, the modernised 39mm case is period perfect and future-proof.

What’s the best way to care for your TUDOR Ranger watch?

The Ranger is known for its robust exterior (and interior for that matter), so there is only one place this watch should be: on your wrist. Even if you do happen to find yourself in the Arctic tundra, the Ranger will take whatever you throw at it in its stride. As with the rest of the range, TUDOR offers a five-year warranty, and we recommend a service every ten years, which gives you plenty of time to go exploring with your Ranger, with peace of mind that it won’t let you down – and means it will keep ticking for generations of adventurers to come.

What’s your favourite TUDOR Ranger design?

Its metal strap option offers on-the-fly adjustment through the new T-Fit system at the clasp, which is always useful. But if like us, you're all about the rough and tumble appearance of a watch, then the jacquard fabric strap is for you. The olive green is a subtle nod to its North Greenland expedition heritage, with the red and beige accents adding that attention to design detail that TUDOR is known – and loved – for, accentuating its simple nature and giving a comfortable, light fit on the wrist.

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