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Reach for the Stars in our Eternal Diamond collection

If you’re looking for elegance and style, our Eternal Diamond collection is for you. Each exquisite diamond is star cut with 89 facets for exceptional shine. Interested in finding out more? From a diamond's 4Cs to the constellation trend, read on.

10 May 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

Diamond jewellery is an exceptional and timeless addition to any jewellery box. However, when it comes to searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring for that special someone, the quality and craftsmanship of the sparkling diamonds, mean so much more. A true symbol of commitment and a lifetime of love, our exclusive Eternal Diamonds collection, makes an exquisite choice for the perfect engagement ring or forever diamond piece.

The Unique Star Cut

Independently certified diamonds come with their own certificate to authenticate their quality, and each Eternal Diamond has its certificate available to view on the Gemological Science International (GSI) website. The star cut diamond holds a breath-taking 89 facets, versus the 58 of a traditional round diamond. With a distinctive star pattern, our Eternal Diamonds are cut from the celestial skies and represent the beauty of the universe.

The considerable value of the cut of a diamond is not to be underestimated as it directly affects the brilliance of the diamond. The quality of its cut determines the volume of light that is reflected from the stone itself. If the diamond reflects a small amount of light or no light at all, it will maintain a muted and dull look. However, the cut of our Eternal Diamonds strongly reflects light, ensuring each one radiates true sparkle. Find out more about what diamonds are and where they come from here.

Shine Bright with Eternal Diamond

Elegant, sophisticated and stylish, the pieces from the collection are crafted from quality diamonds. Exclusive to us, the Eternal Diamond collection upholds its dedication to creating exceptional diamond clarity. Diamond clarity refers to the purity of the stone and is an essential component of the 4 Cs of diamonds. The star-within-a-star pattern is a patented cut and isn’t available to purchase anywhere else. For more exclusive cuts, explore and read more about diamonds with a meaning.

Celestial and Constellation Jewellery Trends

Charming and unique, the new pieces in our Eternal Diamond collection showcase precision and craftmanship. Clawed diamonds and a contemporary starburst silhouette are designed to reflect the celestial skies and constellations of stars. From zodiac signs to crescent moons, constellation jewellery is continuing to surge in the world of accessories, and our collections are exploding with intricate shapes and bold stones. Celestial jewellery has a fascinating and magical look, which is captured in the star pattern of an Eternal Diamond. The ongoing trend for constellation jewellery is driven by the meaningful sentiments and stories behind the stones. Creating a celestial look, these jewellery pieces have a more personal touch and are the perfect way to complete any outfit, whether dressing up or down.

Which Star will you Fall in Love With?

We understand that you don’t simply choose your diamond, you fall in love with it. The passion and expert craftsmanship behind the striking Eternal Diamond collection, are what make the timeless pieces extraordinary and give them their extra sparkle. The impressive collection presents an array of distinctive shapes and styles, from the diamond double halo rings to the warm diamond yellow gold eternity rings, and the breath-taking white gold six claw ring, all comprising the exclusive eternal star pattern. Shine from all angles with Eternal Diamonds and guarantee a long-lasting sparkle that is like no other.

Want to know more?

Inspired by the stars with an incomparable 89 facets, the incredible designs and expertise behind the Eternal Diamond collection are what make them unforgettable. For more information about the collection, you can book a virtual or in-store appointment to speak to our experts.