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A Kaleidoscope Of Joy: Putting The Spotlight On Le Vian

A jewellery lover’s dream come true. Marking the arrival of spring, Ernest Jones is delighted to announce a series of exclusive Le Vian events that are set to shine a light on the brand, and two new collections that are destined to be adored: Peacock Aquaprase and Sunny Yellow Diamonds.

29 March 2022 Editor - Ernest Joes

Delicious, delectable, decadent. They’re just a few words that can be used to describe Le Vian’s distinctive brand of diamonds and gemstones. Adored by the glitterati, it’s clear to see why; each arresting handmade creation simply radiates unparalleled vibrancy, lending spectacular colour and couture to a host of different looks.

A family-owned jewellery company in business since the 15th century, Le Vian put Chocolate Diamonds – a company trademark – on the map. The magic behind the jewels began over 500 years ago in Persia; today, it's unique pieces adorn some of the most famous people in the world.

From 27th March to 9th June, Le Vian is set to be in the spotlight once again as it showcases 3,000 rare and sought-after pieces – its largest event assortment yet – at a series of exclusive events taking place at selected Ernest Jones boutiques. A treat for the senses, customers will be immersed into a treasure trove of dazzling jewels that pay tribute to its rich Persian heritage.

To celebrate this unmissable occasion, the brand has launched two new showstoppers for this season that customers will be able to try and buy before anybody else. Adding to an ever-growing roster of dazzling designs, the Sunny Yellow Diamonds collection and the Aquaprase range embody everything we cherish about this iconic brand.

Step into spring with Sunny Yellow Diamonds

Beautifully bright and beguiling, Le Vian’s Sunny Yellow Diamonds collection represents everything we love about spring. Warm, joyful and optimistic, these jubilant diamonds will bring instant charm to any ensemble. Set in opulent Vanilla Gold, these vivacious diamonds have been seen adorning style icons such as Jennifer Lopez and Giuliana Rancic, confirming them as the standout jewellery piece for this season.

A traditional and natural diamond with a sprightly yellow hue, this colour variation is a result of increased nitrogen levels within the stone’s elemental structure. An incredibly uncommon occurrence, it reiterates just how special and coveted Sunny Yellow Diamonds. So much so, they are in fact 10,000 times more rare than traditional diamonds. Sourced from Australia, each Sunny Yellow Diamonds piece is handcrafted by Le Vian experts and formed into a cushion-cut that emphasises the sparkling diamonds’ enchanting allure.

Symbolising light, hope and growth, while celebrating the cyclical nature of life, the Sunny Yellow Diamonds collection is Le Vian’s tribute to the strength and resilience that the world has collectively shown in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. A beautiful interpretation of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, these stunning diamonds guarantee you shine brightly wherever you go.

Make your heart flutter with the Peacock Aquaprase

Sumptuous. Striking. Soothing. Le Vian has a new icon to share with the world: Peacock Aquaprase. Enjoying the reputation of the first new gemstone to be discovered in the 21st Century on Earth, Aquaprase is a new variety of Chalcedony (microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz), making it a must-have for both crystal-healing advocates and glamour enthusiasts thanks to its gloriously green tone.

Discovered in Africa in 2013 by famed gem explorer, Yianni Melas, there was some initial confusion about what the true nature of the gem was. Deemed to be Chrysoprase by some and Opal by others, Melas sent the gem to several laboratories, including the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, where it was correctly identified as a new type of Chalcedony. It was only fair that the man who discovered the gemstone was allowed to name it, and so he did, deciding on ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘prase’ meaning green in Greek as a homage to his birth country of Greece. The name was subsequently trademarked, and Le Vian arranged a deal that the highest quality Aquaprase, with the most beautiful patterns and colours, would be given to the brand to be cut into Peacock Aquaprase.

Mesmerising in every way, each Le Vian’s Peacock Aquaprase stone is unique: born with a distinctive tone, pattern and variation in transparency – unlike other varieties of Chalcedony. Moreover, each Peacock Aquaprase gem has its own sense of power and personality, along with metaphysical properties too. Some wearers have found that the soothing gemstone has helped to reduce depression, while Yianni Melas, who discovered this natural gem, says that Aquaprase reacts to the weather by displaying itself differently according to its natural surroundings. Fascination is at the heart of the Peacock Aquaprase, and it will no doubt find new ways to enchant you every time you wear this exquisite gemstone.

Discover the luxury of Le Vian at an Ernest Jones boutique near you

For the first time, show styles can be previewed on a digital catalogue (that includes an additional 100 pieces exclusive to the UK) available to view at any Ernest Jones branch – except for the show specials, these are one-of-a-kind, limited-edition pieces that can only be viewed and purchased on event days. What’s more, eventgoers can be entered into a prize draw to win a Le Vian necklace featuring its iconic Peach Morganite and Nude Diamonds.

With both jewellers curating the best in craft and class, this is a collaboration not to be missed. An ongoing partnership, customers can expect a kaleidoscope of joy, and, with a Le Vian expert on hand throughout the day, they can learn more about the family-run business that bought us Earth’s newest gem. Customers can book here: www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/content/le-vian-trunk-show.

Revel in the pure magic of Le Vian’s creations by browsing the full range, including the Sunny Yellow Diamonds and Peacock Aquaprase collections, online and in store at Ernest Jones today.