How to Beautifully Accessorise Your Wedding Gown. Group of bride and her bridesmaids locking arms

How to Beautifully Accessorise Your Wedding Gown

While your wedding gown is undoubtedly the absolute star of the show, your jewellery is crucial. If you stylise well, you will bring together your whole bridal look and lock in your desired theme.

5th August 2019 Ernest Jones - Editor

Play to Your Dress' Strengths

It's essential that you work with your dress design and think of the overall look not just the piece of jewellery you intend to wear. You'll want to create a wonderful flow but not to overwhelm. Choosing bridal jewellery thoughtfully will highlight your best features and those of your wedding dress.

Think About Your Neckline

If you have a full-length strapless dress subtlety is important, the key phrase here is ‘understated elegance’, statement jewellery would simply overwhelm, let your romantic dress tell your story and adorn it with a minimal, well designed necklace. Never overpower, allow the dress and your décolletage to speak volumes for you.

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You're Never Full Dressed Without…

Earrings are a must-have for a strapless dress and you will most definitely look underdressed without them. They complement bare shoulders wonderfully and if you have opted for a subtle necklace, a pair of drop earrings with a little more interest or detail than the necklace will complement without overwhelming, the rule for this look is never statement necklace and statement earrings together.

Accessorising for Dress Length

If you’ve chosen a shorter strapless wedding dress, a statement necklace will add an extra element of interest. If you are opting for a glamorous necklace, remember our style advice and choose a subtle pair of earrings, something elegant such as a small diamond stud will have the wow factor and won’t detract from your necklace.

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Is A Bare Neck Ever A Good Choice?

The answer… of course it is. It's entirely possible that if you've opted for a wedding dress design with intricate detailing around the neckline, for example beautiful beading, embroidery, crystals or pearls, that you will want to have a bare neck or décolletage so as not to distract from the detailing. If this is the case, then you have full licence to go all out on the earrings and choose a very striking pair.

Should I opt for a Long or Short Necklace on My Wedding Day?

Longer necklaces will give off a bohemian vibe while also elongating your body. They work well with a v-neckline wedding dress and are ideal for a beach wedding. If you have a dressy and or form fitting dress then something that sits beautifully on your upper chest, for example a princess length chain, will elevate your look entirely.

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Do Some Metals Compliment a Certain Dress Colour?

There are indeed some natural pairings which totally look great together, for example ivory looks incredible when paired with gold jewellery as the creaminess of the fabric lifts the gold. For a snow-white dress, platinum, pearl or silver will give a great accent. If you choose an off-white gown then the world is literally your oyster as this colour fabric will lend itself to everything from rose gold to platinum and also works well with coloured gemstones diamonds, opals or sapphires and more. If your gown has coloured, for example beading, while it's not too cool to be overly matchy-matchy you might want to reflect that subtly in your choice of jewellery for example, if your bridal gown has gold detailing, you may decide to opt for a necklace,bracelet or earrings with a gold base.