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Bell & Ross BR 05: Time For Urban Explorers

The latest line from Bell & Ross, the BR 05 was crafted for the fearless and daring. A loyal ally for those that embrace an active, urban lifestyle, discover a range that is ready to face the challenges of modern life and puts time and destiny in your own hands.

21 December 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

When it comes to propelling yourself to dizzying new heights, there’s only one brand that comes to mind: Bell & Ross. Renowned across the world for its expertise in producing aviation watches, the label sets that standard for blue-sky thinking thanks to a series of innovative designs that were made with explorers in mind.

The sky’s the limit

In the beginning, a team of watch designers and aeronautical control panel specialists joined forces with one project in mind: to create timepieces perfectly suited for professional use. Their goal: to be part of the great Swiss watchmaking tradition while meeting the demands of men facing extreme situations. And so, Bell & Ross was born.

Inspired by the history of aviation and the military specifications that accompany it, Bell & Ross prides itself in creating technically and visually excellent instruments that are aesthetically pleasing. Demonstrating this are many critically acclaimed designs launched over the years including the PW1, WW1 and the BR 123.

Face the extremes with ease

To create watches that can withstand the most extreme of temperatures, accelerations or pressures requires expertise from those who have experienced and overcome them. Drawing know-how from astronauts, pilots, divers and bomb-disposal experts, Bell & Ross combines this with the practical and technical guidance of designers and engineers. Finally, the master craftsmen put their hands to the test, creating a utilitarian watch that follows the motto: the essential is never compromised by the superfluous. As with each Bell & Ross model designed, they aren’t just made with the assistance of professionals, but are made to assist professionals whenever and wherever, making sure to never let them down.

A new icon

At the heart of every Bell & Ross watch are four basic principles: legibility, functionality, precision and reliability. Every part and every detail serve a particular purpose, with function – first and foremost – driving design. Furthermore, technical precision is expressed through pure lines resulting in a timeless sophistication.

Following the success of the iconic square BR 03 model, Bell & Ross is proud to unveil its BR 05 collection. Defined by a distinctly urban aesthetic, the BR 05 is now equipped with a chronograph movement – a mechanical complication perfectly adapted to the pace of urban life. Invented to measure and control short time periods, this function is a loyal ally for those who wear it in their quest to master the fleeting nature of time.

Substance meets style

The BR 05 range is characterised by a case that combines round and square shapes – serving as a homage to Bell & Ross’ identity. Merging the rigour of a square with the perfection of a circle, it results in a watch that embraces individuality and character. Its confident style harnesses the energy of the city, its rhythm, its richness, confirming the BR 05 as the definitive time-measuring instrument for urban explorers.

Perfection lies in the details. The finishes on the BR 05 chronograph leave nothing to chance: the satin-polished surfaces are perfectly flat and the polished bevels enhance the volumes they contain. The BR 05 chronograph's identity is also built on a multitude of small technical and aesthetic details which truly elevate it. Full of character with carefully executed finishes, this sculptural and seductive instrument is masterful in its power, yet elegance at once.

How the BR 05 embodies brilliance

A jewel of strength that embodies state-of-the-art Swiss craftsmanship, the BR 05 is powered by the BR-CAL.321 mechanism wounded by a 360 degree oscillating weight. Moreover, it’s been crafted to provide the practicality and comfort explorers require. Demonstrating this is how the watch bracelet follow the contours of the wrist to offer a secure, comfortable fit. Striking in so many ways, the integrated design that fuses the case and bracelet into one cohesive piece sets the BR 05 apart as a Bell & Ross model. Influenced by retro styles of the ‘70s, the overall result is resolutely contemporary – increasing its coveted appeal. The BR 05 is available in a series of different finishes with varying hues and settings – including the mesmerising 500-piece Skeleton – and functions such as date. Furthermore, it’s your choice to pick between the timelessness of a satin-polished steel bracelet or the modern sophistication of a rubber strap for a watch that brings out the best of you.

Prepare for take-off with the BR 05 GMT

A distinctive model inspired by the professional world of tools designed for a specific mission, the BR 05 GMT was made specifically for those who seek a seamless transition between travel and time. Charactertised by a dual time zone model, the BR 05 GMT encapsulates exactly what makes globe-trotting such an exhilarating experience.

Paying homage to Greenwich Mean Time – the basis for the global system of time zones – the BR 05 GMT model displays the time at two different points on the globe simultaneously, serving as an invitation to immerse yourself in the pure wonder of travelling. From landing in captivating capital cities, hopping between different time zones and relishing the field of opportunities awaiting, the BR 05 GMT is a watch dedicated to the modern man who makes the city both his playground and adventure.

Carved in steel, this sleek model is urban in aesthetic and spirit, while the dial’s black colour scheme nods to the many cockpits the airborne adventurer will no doubt encounter. Balancing form and function once again, the GMT features a white, black and red hand that is legible both day and night to provide time every minute of the day. Taking the importance of the round-the-clock and round-the-globe importance even further is the addition of the red arrow-hand on the 24-hour graduated inner bezel that shows the time of the wearer’s country of origin.

Explore the BR 05 at Ernest Jones

With each new day a new adventure awaits, so there really is no time like the present to revel in the exhilaration it will no doubt bring. Make sure you’re ready to take control of time and your destiny with Bell & Ross’ BR 05 right by your side. Discover your very own jewel of strength by browsing the BR 05 at Ernest Jones online and in store today.