Gold pendant against a slate

How to Channel Your Style-Persona With Pendants

Jewellery tells a tale of more than just style, so why not weave clues about who you are into what you wear?

5th August 2019 Ernest Jones - Editor

Accessories are the key to accentuating your ensemble, they add a finishing touch and they can be the inspiration behind your outfit. As you refine your wardrobe, you'll find that jewellery extend beyond style and has the power to communicate who you are on an intimately intrinsic level. Discover the perfect pendants to reflect your charisma and personality.

Mininmal Muse

You adore sleek elegant lines, simple-block colours and your wardrobe sticks to a refined palette. Fussy florals, tassels and sequins aren’t your thing you prefer minimal details, but you're never boring. You know what you like and don't like. Too much noise detracts from the beautiful simplicity of your style. Delicate accessories can add interesting accents to your paired-back style with a hint of sparkle or an interesting shape to keep it on-trend.

Rainbow Rebel

The idea of office wear gives you the chills, you see the world through a kaleidoscope of colours. You naturally make a statement with everything you wear. You'd rather be looking up at the sky, gazing and absorbing the colours of the world rather than looking down at the suburban grey. Use your necklace to paint your mood and express your colourful-self. Gemstones are perfect for multi-dimensional hues, as no two are alike and each is totally unique, just like you.

Golden Girl

Your style oozes opulence, you are inclined to favour tailoring and structure you feel at home exploring the chic city streets, of Venice & Paris. You exude the classic and value ageless style over disposable fashion. Gold necklaces will add a warmth and glow to your wardrobe, while radiating status and luxury because of its precious nature and has an affinity with royalty.

Vintage Visage

Your style icons include Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel, you love using subtle feminine accents to compliment your natural beauty. In a complicated world, with information overload, you value simplicity and elegance and reach for classics such as lace and broderie, rather than fleeting trends of metallics and neon. Vintage pendants don't have to be out-dated and you can take the classic components of timeless jewellery and find necklaces with a modern twist to bring your look to the 21st century.