Everything you are diamond rings

Everything You Are: Diamonds With Meaning

If you’re searching for a ring that captures every part of them that you adore, then look to the Everything You Are collection. Featuring five distinctively shaped diamonds that symbolise everything she means to you; each design is as exceptional as the one it was created for.

03 June 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

How do you find a way to show that person who is your everything what they mean to you? The person whose smile instantly alleviates your worries and fears, whose laughter is the soundtrack to your life, whose support, care, and devotion makes every moment one of pure harmonious joy?

With the perfect ring from the Everything You Are collection.

Centred on five distinctively shaped diamonds that symbolise the different aspects of their character and personality, each design within the collection is as unique, captivating, and glorious as the one you love.

Diamonds are unique, just like your love

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about every love story is how different each one is. From childhood sweethearts who met at school, to romance blossoming later in life between two old friends, to love sparking with that online date you were initially hesitant to go through with. Love isn’t conventional, it doesn’t follow a template, and is unique; therefore, each love story should be celebrated for what makes it special, and what makes it yours.

Each ring within the Everything You Are collection is specially designed to feature diamonds of varying shapes to reflect what it is that made you fall in love with your significant other and the unique qualities they bring to you that nobody else does .

Five diamonds, one pure love

Diamonds really are a wonderful way to express just how invaluable your partner is to you.

Prized throughout history by different cultures and civilisations for their incomparable beauty, there’s no questioning just how sublime and precious diamonds are – just like your love. Beautiful and remarkably resilient, diamonds are a fitting choice for reflecting the strength of your unbreakable devotion.

The Everything You Are collection doesn’t rely on just one singular diamond to capture the essence of your love, but five each with their own meaning. While there’s no denying just how dazzling they are, each diamond offers a greater purpose: to symbolise every facet you adore about your soulmate and everything you appreciate about them. From their integrity and wisdom to their confidence and zest for life, discover a ring that will tell them all of this, and more .

The shape of love

Multi-faceted, just like your beloved, each ring has been purposed to show their different sides and lets their versatility shine as bright as the five diamonds adorning their left finger. So, what does each shape represent?


A symbol of complete devotion, the princess cut encompasses their reliable, dependable nature and how they’ve been there for you every step of the way, from the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and will continue to be ever-present and forever yours.


Cuts don’t come more striking and sweeter than a pear, which epitomises her individuality perfectly. From her stunning smile that first caught your eye to the tenderness of her voice that provides endless comfort and reassurance, this shape is ideal in expressing what makes them, and just how thankful you are for her quirks.


Nothing says eternal love more poignantly than a round diamond. Illustrating an infinite loop, this sublime circular stone is a truly beautiful way to express your never-ending commitment to your significant other.


Capturing their warm-hearted character is the emerald cut. The series of linear facets running through this exceptionally resplendent shape represent their charisma and charm, as well as their supportive, trustworthy side that confirms just why they’re your best friend and life partner.


Embodying your lover’s creativity is the oval cut. Beguiling, beautiful and bursting with brilliance, this diamond never fails to intrigue and fascinate, just like how she does through her wit, humour and perspective on life.

Five things you love about her

Now that you know the meaning behind each diamond of these exquisite rings, allow them to inspire you to consider the five favourite things you love the most about her. For a moment she’ll never forget, infuse them into your proposal or your wedding vows as the ultimate declaration of what she means to you.

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Compromised of five distinctively shaped diamonds laden with meaning, each meticulous design within the Everything You Are collection is as unique as the woman who wears it. Express your love with a diamond ring as exceptional as her by exploring the range at Ernest Jones in-store or online today.