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Exclusively at Ernest Jones - Arctic Light Canadian Diamonds

Introducing Arctic Light, a new premium brand featuring exceptional, colourless diamonds exclusively at Ernest Jones.

5th August 2019 Ernest Jones - Editor

Arctic Light- A Diamond Like No Other

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Arctic Light bridal jewellery hails from one of the most pristine places on earth. Born in Canada's Northwest Territories, where awe-inspiring beauty of untamed wilderness and waters watch over diamonds that were formed here deep in the earth more than a billion years ago.

A colourless diamond will radiate incredible brilliance and light allowing more reflection and luminosity.

Only exceptional quality diamonds with a minimum colour F, one of the highest gradings of colour found in diamonds are sourced for Arctic Light.

Each stone is responsibly sourced and 100% traceable from the mine to the final impeccable and polished product.

These diamonds are sustainable to the environment and indigenous population, completely natural and free of treatments.

Each ring is accompanied by a CanadaMark TM certificate for the centre stone and each diamond is double certified, sold with an IGI certificate for Independent certification of the diamond's 4Cs.

Our Arctic Light collection has been designed to give a crisp, clean and modern look to the classic solitaire ring.

While the colourless diamond takes centre stage, these engagement rings are available with prestigious platinum or 18ct yellow gold settings. Discover the only colourless Canadian diamond ring collection on the high-street today.

Arctic Light Platinum 1/2ct Diamond Ring

Arctic Light Platinum 1/2ct Diamond Ring

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"Arctic Light Diamonds Exclusive to Ernest Jones"

The 4Cs are the four prime factors used to value a diamond. The closer a classic white diamond is to colourless, the more desirable it is and the closer to 'flawless' the higher the value.

Cut: The most important of the 4Cs because it determines how much appeal the stone has. Cut refers to the way a rough stone is transformed into the final polished diamond by an experienced cutter with facets cut into the stone to enhance the way it interacts with light to maximise the diamond's sparkle and brilliance.

Colour: The second and most important characteristic conversely refers to a diamond's lack of colour, the less colour the higher the value, quality or grade. Colour ranges from D- colourless to Z- light yellow.

Clarity: This is all about imperfections or flaws which are often difficult to detect with the naked eye they are so microscopic. The fewer visible inclusions and blemishes a diamond has, the better the clarity and the rarer and more valuable it is.

Carat: The measure of weight for a diamond is known as carat, this refers to the total physical weight of the stone rather than the size or shape.