Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching on Sunday the 11th of March, now is the time to give back for the parent who has been with you through everything. Expanding her jewellery collection is the perfect way to give a gift that lasts the test of time; something she can wear to the party, or something that reminds her of the careful thought you’ve put into her gift. With a blend of classic and modern styles, you can find a variety of precious gifts that cover a variety of styles and categories.

Elegant Earrings - Classic and Contemporary

A mix of earrings for mothers day

Earrings are an easy option for gifting with either large statement pieces that create definition on a special occasion or more understated pairs that work as everyday pieces. We've chosen a mix of styles, with halo studs and creole earrings as the most popular staples, altogether combined with a few more contemporary pieces that are a bit more experimental in their style. Some of the brands on here featured include Swarovski, Olivia Burton and Skagen.

Sentimental Adornment With Chamilia

A gift that always brings a twist of personality, Chamilia's bracelets can be customised with various beads and charms to achieve the effect that you desire. We've chosen to showcase a few beads and charms that showcase the mother's day theme. We also particularly like the new emoji charm, something that feels a lot more current and would make for a hilarious addition to your charm bracelet.

Chamilia bracelets for mothers day

Pendants To Be Worn Closer To The Heart

Cubic Zirconia pendants

A gift that perhaps carries a lot of sentimental power, these elegant pendants have been featured for their variety in styles. The classic pearl pendant is given more poise with precious metal wrapping around the stone for a decidedly different approach to a classic piece of jewellery. Our Silver Cubic Zirconia Locket features beautiful filigree detailing and a slot inside to keep a precious photo - perhaps one of your younger self for your mum to remember? Lastly the greeting pendant by Swarovski features a rose gold plated design of layered circles, a more fashion-orientated approach but a perfect gift for mothers who love more experimental designs.

The Complete Set

Matching jewellery sets with Cubic Zirconia

For those are feeling a lot more adventurous, the complete jewellery set gives you a matched off pendant and earring look already done for you. We've chosen to feature a variety of metal styles but Cubic Zirconia and Pearls are popular choices and are also available in different metal types. Designs aside, we also deeply enjoy some of the symbolism behind these pieces - themes of stones interlocked or wrapped around precious metal do much to speak about the minds behind the metalwork; pieces created to celebrate and reinforce the bonds that keep people together.

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