Summer's Birthstones

No matter when your birthday is, each month is represented by a stunning birthstone, such as the dazzling tanzanite as a December birthstone, and the precious pearl as the June Birthstone.

A piece of jewellery, such as earrings or a birthstone ring is the perfect present for someone special celebrating their birthday. At Ernest Jones, we have a great range of jewellery featuring bold birthstone gems and birthstone colours.

Thinking of a gift for a summer birthday? Discover the Birthstones for June, July and August, as well as some stunning gift recommendations.

June Birthstone – Pearl

June’s Birthstone is the classic pearl, elegant and full of class, this stunning shimmering stone is said to represent purity. Pearls have been used in jewellery for centuries – the ancient Greeks believed that they were created from the tears of Aphrodite, and that the stone has healing properties.

Pearl jewellery can come in many colours, but the traditional June birthstone is a classic white pearl. At Ernest Jones we have an extensive range of pearl jewellery that can be perfect as a gift for someone special. You can also, head over to our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

pearl jewellery

July Birthstone – Ruby

July’s birthstone is the bold ruby. The second rarest gemstone after the dazzling diamond, rubies represent the everlasting love and passion we associate with its deep red colour.

Ruby is an incredibly valuable gemstone and many in the ancient world believed that this gemstone had mystical powers, such as the ability to predict the future or to protect them from misfortune.

Rubies come in many different shades of red, from a raspberry pinkish colour to purple or brownish red. Much like the diamond; size, clarity and cut are all important when buying this birthstone and contribute to the value of your gemstone. A large ruby with lower clarity will have a lower value than a smaller one with greater clarity.

Choose from our range of ruby and red coloured jewellery at Ernest Jones for a perfect gift for July babies and if you are so passionate about rubies as we are visit our Ruby Frenzy Pinterest board for more inspiration.

ruby jewellery

August Birthstone – Peridot

The birthstone for August is the shimmering peridot. This stone boasts a vivacious green hue with hints of gold that’s perfect for the summer months. This bright stone is said to represent love, friendship and dignity.

Called the ‘gem of the sun’ by the Ancient Egyptians, this stone is also said to protect the wearers from terrors of the night, and harnesses the power of nature.

We have a great range of peridot and green jewellery, for a bold and bright gift for those late summer birthdays. Visit our Peridot Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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