Diamond Brands at Ernest Jones

Given that your engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that will be worn for the rest of your life, choosing something you love is very important. We have a great range of exclusive brands here at Ernest Jones, each with their own distinct styles to suit any bride.


Tolkowsky - The Ideal Cut Diamond

The Tolkowsky brand is celebrated for creating the modern Ideal Cut Round Brilliant diamond. A diamond with 57 perfectly proportioned facets and precision symmetry and the benchmark by which all other diamonds are judged to this day.

The level of cutting perfection is very important. If a diamonds proportions are not precise there may be areas where escapes - which can make the diamond will look dull and dark instead of bright and lively!

Leo Diamond

Leo Diamond - Visibly Brighter

Handcrafted by Leo Schachter, one of the leading fine diamond companies, the Leo Diamond was the first diamond to be independently certified as visibly brighter. This is a difference that can easily be seen with the naked eye!

The Leo's patented symmetrical cut allows light to enter the stone in such a way that the maximum amount of light is returned back in a sparkling flash – perfect for that flash of sparkle to make your ring eye-catching.

Neil Lane

Neil Lane Bridal - Hollywood's premier jewellery designer

Neil Lane’s jewellery designs have always been focused on a deep appreciation of all things beautiful. Creating hand-crafted, treasured jewellery for some of Hollywood’s legendary stars, Neil has become one of the most celebrated jewellery designers in the world.

His passion for historical reference in art and architecture and his love of Hollywood's glamorous past are brought together in this vintage-inspired contemporary jewellery collection that celebrates love and all things beautiful.

Le Vian Chocolatier

Le Vian Chocolatier

The Le Vian Chocolatier family have been guardians of the most unique and precious jewellery for ancient royals since 1746. From ancient royalty to today's red carpet, Le Vian's collectors include the most discerning buyers and Hollywood's elite. It's not that hard to see why the Le Vian name has become a byword for some of the world's most exquisite and expertly crafted jewellery. Le Vian initiated the “Chocolate Diamonds®” brand in the year 2000, when it first introduced its unique brand of natural fancy colour brown diamonds to the public. Le Vian's objective with naming its selection of brown diamonds was to help differentiate from the lower quality stones, and making your diamond ring something a little unique.

The Diamond Story

The Diamond Story - Follow your diamond's individual journey

The Diamond Story collection enables you to follow your beautiful diamond's journey from the discovery of the rough stone right through to your special day, ensuring you will cherish it forever.

Of all loving relationships in the world, yours with your chosen partner is unique. Of all engagement rings in the world, yours also is unique. The Diamond Story captures this remarkable story.

If any of these diamond brands have taken your fancy, take a look at their whole collections on the Ernest Jones website. We’d love to see photos of your engagement rings, so please share them with us on our Facebook or Twitter accounts!