The Summer of Love Collection

As we update our wardrobes and head into the heat of summer, we start to notice the gradual change in season and mood, with the days becoming longer, flowers blooming into their full prime and becoming more in tune with nature and with others. The summer days propel us into bright gardens and orange sunsets spent spending times with those we hold dearest to our heart.

In those precious moments, the memory of the summer is all we have until it fades away and the leaves begin to fall. The power of jewellery, as it has been for centuries, is to act as a symbol for our most treasured memories. These newer jewellery pieces were crafted to celebrate all of those things that summer brings out within us, the warmer tones of colour, the bonds that keep us together and that closer relationship with nature that makes us forget the outdoors.

The Summer of Love Collection

The Summer of Love Collection celebrates the unforgettable proposals of the summer months. Each piece within the collection is unique, just your love story. The collection is intensely romantic, designed by our diamond specialists to create elegant rings with exceptionally intricate detailing just for you.

Rose gold and diamond engagement rings

From shared gazes of love and summer sunlight lingering on the skin, to the everlasting memory of the moment of coming together as one.

This summer is about chasing whispers made to each other in warm winds, the stolen looks away in the colours of the open garden – memories that last beyond summer and kindle like a campfire each time that special piece of jewellery is worn.

A modelled image of an engagement rings Credit: @fernabouttown
A modelled image of an engagement rings Credit: @fernabouttown

The Bond of Love Collection

The Bond of Love collection started with a simple knot – a love knot which cannot be untied, a memory of your best days together.

Knot shaped jewellery

Mark your most precious memories with a symbol of strength and loyalty like the iconic love knot, finely crafted in radiant gold. The knot symbol pays tribute to the ancient ritual of tying the knot, used to symbolise union with one’s partner.

A modelled image of knot shaped jewellery Credit: @olia.shamray
A modelled image of a gold knot pendant Credit: @igawysocka

Tie the knot with a bond that lasts forever and symbolises the love you have for the most important people in your life.

The Summer Memories Collection

The Summer Memories Collection was crafted with the most treasured connections in mind, for the significant memories we hold dear. Discover a selection of meaningful gifts which promise love, safeguarding and prosperity.

A dreamcatcher earring set and tree of life

The wearing of precious birthstones is said to bring good health or layer up for good luck with the symbolic pull of your astrological sign, with a beautiful Cubic Zirconia disc pendant. Keep your dreams close to your heart with a delicate dream catcher motif, a native sign of protection and comfort or wish upon a diamond wishbone. Keep your cherished family and friends even closer with a Tree of Life charm.

The Delicate Droplets Collection

The Delicate Droplet Collection is inspired by the early summer sun, rising and illuminating the morning dew, the golden beams of sunshine form these delicate drops, full of hope of the weeks to come. These carefully crafted petite, simple refined diamonds set in luxurious gold sit just lightly on the skin, weightless for effortless everyday beauty.

Leaf-shaped diamond jewellery

A modelled image of a fashion diamond ring Credit: @louisaxgrace

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