The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45

The first TAG Heuer modular watch bearing the Swiss Made label.

The latest collection of the TAG Heuer Connected timepieces, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 has launched online and in-store at Ernest Jones.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Components and Straps

Featuring a brand new concept, the connected module is interchangeable with an Haute Horlogerie mechanical module - offering a vast choice of materials, colours and combinations: the concept of modularity also applies to the lugs, strap, buckle which can be tailored to the colours and materials of your choice.

This is nothing less than a luxury watch which can be completely tailored to suit your mood.

Engineered in collaboration with Intel, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is water-resistant to 50 meters; it features GPS, an NFC sensor for payments, a stunning high definition AMOLED screen, a wide selection of unlimited customizable TAG Heuer dials. Google’s Android Wear 2.0 and the new TAG Heuer Companion app improve the software experience and keep you connected with the people and information that you care about most.

Thanks to the very latest Android Wear 2.0 update, the customer experience has been vastly improved not only for Android users but Iphone users as well benefit from the almost infinite universe of platforms with apps available for download directly on that watch, and an enhanced ecosystem.

Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer CEO & President of the LVMH Watch Division, said at the Watches’ Launch: “This innovative, unique and distinctive watch is at the forefront of the latest technologies available in Silicon Valley and, at the same time, a genuine Swiss watch, bearing the Swiss Made label. It is the incarnation of our leading position with luxury connected watch and with this high level of technology.”

The entire exterior of the watch can be customized, enabling a multitude of combinations in terms of materials and colors. For the choice of strap alone, there are no fewer than 18 references available, made from rubber, barenia calfskin or anthracite grey leather, titanium or ceramic.

You can also complete your connected module with a Swiss mechanical movement module such as a 3 hands calibre 5, or Tourbillon Heuer 02-T. In this way, you can very easily change the heart of your watch – the module – from a connected watch to a mechanical watch, and back again, to suit the occasion and your mood.

TAG Heuer Connected built-in GPS

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 simplifies your life, thanks the built-in GPS that enables you to track your journeys and sporting performance, with no need for your phone: all the information you need is right there on your wrist.

The modularity concept extends to the watch's software, with dial customization. The brand has developed 30 watch dials, all retaining TAG Heuer's identity, some of which are inspired by historical pieces such as the famous panda dial, drawing on the brand's great heritage.

To take advantage of all the options available on these watches, Android users can download the new TAG Heuer Connected app to preview the various dials available and benefit from TAG Heuer Studio on a larger screen. You can also set your watch screen to show one of your own photos using this app.

Thanks to interactive counters, customers can choose to display up to three of their favourite apps on the dial: the number of steps taken, the number of calories burned, the dollar rate, free time before the next meeting... these are just some of the many options depending on your interests. Everything you need, at your fingertips.

Featuring 4 GB of storage memory and a latest-generation lithium battery up to a full day of power , the TAG Heuer Connected is fitted with a small water-resistant microphone enabling the wearer to communicate with it using Google Assistant, as well as a sapphire crystal touch screen, to be used alongside the command crown at 3 o'clock.

TAG Heuer Connected built-in GPS

Browse the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Collection online and instore at Ernest Jones.