The Omega Railmaster Watch - A Classic Updated

With the explosion of electric devices that we have today, along with greater work in more demanding spaces such as laboratories or high altitudes, the need for a watch that can keep up with the faster pace of life only increases. As a refresh to the 1957 model, the original Omega Railmaster shares much with its contemporary counterpart. Its stand out function is in its precision as a Chronometer, offering high magnetic resistance and yet styled in a professional and everyday look that makes it uniquely accessible.

Updating to Today

Marked by its sharp triangular and industrial-brown accents, the Railmaster dial takes after the original design with the Arabic numerals made more clean and rounded. Much of what we enjoy in modern watch models such as superior water resistance (up to 60m) and sapphire crystal has been updated to this model.

Perhaps its most stand out feature is the brushed metal dial that creates a more detailed sense of depth. The bracelet model also includes this brushed metal effect all around the case and bracelet, giving it much more definition on the wrist and texture when seen in the light.

However, the effect is subtle and the conventional case and bracelet design make it a very good choice for professional wear. For those looking for more casual and relaxed wear, the strap option also compliments the dial nicely, designed with a Geneva wave pattern in Arabesque.


As one of Omega’s hallmarks, the Co-Axial Master Chronometer function, giving it resistance to magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss. In order to earn that namesake, the movement of the watch undergoes several rigorous tests in Switzerland to be affirmed as a Chronometer. For those that may work in heavy electrical conditions (laboratories, aviation) or find that your watch may be gaining seconds unnecessarily then upgrading to higher magnetic resistance may be a good option.

In general, Chronometer designs often contain a lot of extraneous details, altitude markers or additional subdials that take up much more additional space – what we particularly like of this model is its dedication to a more pared back design and a chance to wear a precise timepiece that ends up almost as an everyday staple to your wristwear.

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