Emerald- birthstone of the month for May

May Birthstone: We're Channelling The Verdant Emerald

The emerald gemstone has been revered as rare and beautiful and has achieved status among cultures across the globe.

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02 May 2019 Ernest Jones Content Team

This stone has been used in jewellery making for centuries. Emeralds have a beautiful vivid colour which makes them popular, they are rarely flawless, however, any inclusions simply add to the beauty and individuality of the stone.

The French describe the emerald's inclusions as "jardins", which translates as gardens because they resemble the colour of spring foliage.

These stones have been sought after for their beauty since the 1500s by the Incas of South America and during the same period, the Mogul emperors of India, who believed Emeralds offered them protection from the gods and used them as amulets.

In Greek and Roman mythology soothing emerald is the stone of Venus, the goddess of eternal love.

This green birthstone is perfectly suited to the beginning of spring as it represents the celebration of life flourishing everywhere.

The semi-precious gemstone is May's birthstone of the month and also represents the anniversaries for 55th year of marriage.

Each emerald is truly as unique as the person who wears it and this gemstone makes a luxurious piece of jewellery.

Nothing looks more beautiful than an emerald ring or gemstone necklace. Now you can treat yourself, or a beloved, to an emerald that captures the exuberance of the season.