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Rings for Men – Our Guide To Styling Men’s Rings

Aesthetically pleasing or imbued with meaning, rings are a great way to add intrigue to any outfit or make a statement. Discover our top tips on the different reasons why men wear rings, which finger to wear them on, which metal to go for, and why men’s rings will always be impressive.

19 August 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

Should men wear rings?

Absolutely! Accessorising is open to all and in a society today where there are no limits to self-expression, creativity and personality, rings are a fantastic way to showcase your individuality and unique sense of style.

Furthermore, rings can symbolise a host of different things. Some men may wear a wedding ring as a symbol of their commitment to a loved one, while signet rings – traditionally worn on the little finger – were originally worn as a form of identification of a person’s rank or familial ties.

So, whether you choose to wear a ring that is sentimental or emphasises your taste for all things exquisite, men can – and definitely should – wear rings.

Which finger should a man wear a ring on?

A ring can be worn on any finger as is the case with women. It should be highlighted though that sentimental rings such as wedding bands, are typically worn on the fourth finger on the left hand – otherwise known as the ring finger – to symbolise its intended meaning.

Likewise, there is a growing trend in men wearing promise rings – a more informal sign of a lasting commitment to come – and engagement rings on their ring finger before replacing it with a wedding band.

With fashion pieces or other rings that may have been gifted or passed down via the family, you can wear them on any finger you like as long you’re happy it fits securely and feels comfortable.

Which the best metal for men’s rings?

Whereas in the past, men were expected to partake in physical labour hence why they didn’t wear jewellery, thanks to the modernisation of society and the workforce, this is no longer the case for a lot of men.

However, that said, men’s rings do still tend to be constructed from more durable metals for a stronger finish. Example of the types of metals used are:

Tungsten and titanium men’s rings

Also known as wolfram, tungsten is one of the rarest metals found on Earth. Earning a reputation as one of the toughest natural elements found in nature, the metal is used in jewellery – specifically for men’s rings – because of its durability, resistance to corrosion and the fact that is has the highest melting point of any element.

Named after the Greek gods, the Titans, titanium boasts a similarly powerful status in the world of metal. First discovered in Cornwall, Britain in 1791 by William Gregor, the metal is revered because of its corrosion resistance and its strength-to-density ratio, which is the highest of any metal, making it an ideal choice to craft rings from.

Men’s platinum rings

Growing in popularity with each passing year is platinum. Typically associated with quality – think of credit cards and music records – platinum is equally as well-regarded with jewellery. Though platinum is expensive due to its rarity, it is an excellent choice for men’s rings because of its ability to resist wear and tear such as scratches and its low maintenance. It is also hypoallergenic, which is why it’s highly recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Perhaps the most obvious reason why platinum is so desired is because of the sparkling white shine it radiates, which is not only superb to look at, but its versatile shade ensures that it will match with anything.

Men’s gold rings

Synonymous since the beginning of time with wealth and luxury, there really is no denying the financial and symbolic value of gold. Precious in every way, a gold ring is the perfect way to declare a special someone’s worth to you, which is why it is an exquisite choice for an engagement or wedding ring.

Beyond its romantic connotations, gold is also associated with power, status and success, which is why even fashion rings crafted from gold are guaranteed to make a strong and lasting impact. Offering the perfect combination of durability and decadence, gold rings will forever be a popular choice of jewellery for men.

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