Eternal diamond

The Eternal Diamond: Cut From The Stars

If you’re looking for a ring that ensures your love continues to burn brightly look to the Eternal Diamond: Cut From The Stars. Providing a never-ending source of light, marvel and inspiration, each exquisitely ethereal design within this enchanting collection was made to dazzle.

11 August 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

In a world with a population of 7.9 billion people, it really is a blessed occurrence to meet the special one who was destined for you. The person who brings light into your life deserves a symbol that radiates incomparable beauty, grace and enchantment in the same way that they do.

What better way to achieve this than with a ring from the Eternal Diamond: Cut From The Stars collection? Exclusive to Ernest Jones, this unique collection of 18ct gold and platinum engagement rings set with a star cut diamond will illuminate the world around you, making it a stellar choice to express your love.

To find out what sets the Eternal Diamond apart from its counterparts, we spoke to our Buying team to understand the inspiration behind the collection, how the rings were developed and why a star cut really is so spectacular.

Cut from the stars

The ancient Greeks believed diamonds were shards of stars that had fallen from the skies. And it was from this belief, that the idea to create a diamond that was ‘cut from the stars’ was born.

“Over a year ago we identified that Ernest Jones needed a new diamond and that the cut should be the unique selling point. We knew from the get-go that we wanted to create something that was unique to Ernest Jones and which would highlight our expertise and craftsmanship ,” said Debbie Jarrett, Head of Buying for Jewellery.

The development behind the diamond

As explained by Debbie, “Getting the cut of the diamond right was just one key stage of this project and so our Bridal buyer, Natalia Rocchi, worked closely with our vendors to find out what cuts could be developed and patented for Ernest Jones.”

Once the team knew they had a strong cut, Natalia set to work to create a star cut diamond collection, ensuring the finest attention to detail from design through to quality and comfort too, ensuring that the ring glides effortlessly onto the finger.

A star is born

“One year later, we are thrilled to unveil The Eternal Diamond as a fully branded Ernest Jones exclusive cut diamond. I hope you’re all as proud of this range as we are,” said Debbie.

And proud we most certainly are.

Said to symbolise triple good fortune, the Eternal Diamond design is defined by a star cut diamond that consists of 89 facets versus the 57 of the traditional round brilliant cut, to create a ‘star within a star pattern’. Interacting beautifully with the light to create an intense, bright sparkle, this exquisite diamond is a truly spectacular choice for an engagement ring.

Furthermore, the collection is independently certified, with your certificate available to view on the Gemological Science International (GSI) website.

Which star will catch your eye?

The rings are offered in two different settings, which adds to the distinctive appeal of the collection.

Characterising the Venus setting are four claws that not only hold the star cut diamond into place, but also resemble the points of a star. There is also the option of the Venus setting with additional diamond detailing, for those who want to maximise the otherworldly sense of opulence.

The Nova setting is defined by six claws that create a three-dimensional and geometric design.

Offering a starry surprise is the addition of a hidden eight-point star engraved under the head of both the Venus and Nova styles. As highlighted by Natalia, “This intricate detail not only serves as a subtle continuation of the celestial theme but emphasises the level of thought that has gone into this coveted collection.”

Furthermore, each design showcases a modern approach to engagement rings, while still making a statement of refinement, along with Ernest Jones’ expertise in creating a high-quality, patented cut that isn’t available to purchase anywhere else.

A ring that will shine as brightly as your love

Drawing inspiration from the celestial skies, the Eternal Diamond is defined by its unique star cut, which makes it the perfect choice to reflect your own unique love story. An everlasting source of sparkle, a ring from this exquisite collection is symbolic of the dark days you have left behind and the bright and beautiful days that lie ahead for you and your significant other.

For Natalia, the reason why the Eternal Diamond is the perfect choice for an engagement ring is because of the pure emotion and meaning behind it: “With this collection, we wanted to put romance at the forefront, encompassed by the metaphor that a star is eternal, and its luminosity will never fade – and neither will your love, which these beautiful rings will remind you of every day.”

Imbued with sentimentality, allow the Eternal Diamond: Cut From The Stars to be your guiding light for the rest of your lives together. Launching on August 11, shop this resplendent range in store and online exclusively at Ernest Jones.