Cocktail Rings

The New Glam: Dazzle In The Decadence Of Cocktail Rings

The roaring ‘20s are back, and what has seemed like a lifetime of lockdowns, has now been consigned to the past. There’s no better time to embrace the joy of living again, so announce your status as a social butterfly with cocktail rings from the New Glam collection that guarantee you catch the eye.

01 October 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

As we exit lockdown, we see a desire for glamour and fun to light up our lives once again. Dressing-up is now our ‘go-to’ for those eager to make up for lost time, and self-gifting is seen as a form of self-care, so how better to indulge than with a cocktail ring from The New Glam collection?

The extravagance that comes with being the life and soul of the party means that you have to look the part, which is where Ernest Jones enters the frame. Offering two distinct ranges – one comprising of luxury certificated colourless diamond platinum clusters and the other an assortment of 18ct clusters – the New Glam collection ensures that every look, every glance and every head turn is aimed in your direction.

Not only are these cocktail rings covetable and captivating, they also happen to be the ultimate symbol of splendour, so discover just why the New Glam is the standout way to mark the return to rapture.

The origins of opulence

A permanent gift to the world of the era when The Great Gatsby glamour was at its peak, cocktail rings are historically associated with the 1920s.

Following victory for the Allied nations in World War 1 and the welcome end of the Spanish flu pandemic, this decade kick-started a period of prosperity and modernity in most of the Western world, signified by progression in arts and technology – as highlighted by the development of cinema, radio and automobiles. Furthermore, the Jazz age and the rumbunctious socialising and dancing that came with it, summarised a cultural revolution, along with a changing attitude towards to roles of men and women in society.

With this shift in behaviour and thinking, a clash arose between the older generation yearning for pre-WW1 traditions and the young, who had firmly embraced this newfound sense of liberation and rebellion. To counter tension between both groups, US politicians came to a bold and controversial decision. On October 28th 1919, Congress overrode President Woodrow Wilson’s veto of the Volstead Act, resulting in the Prohibition of alcohol.

What happened instead was a defiance of this ruling, and so began a decade of decadence.

Let cocktail culture commence

Though the sale of alcohol was banned, the federal government lacked the resources to enforce it, and so as a sign of the will of the people to rise in the face of adversity, bootleg liquor production commenced. Distributed illegally on the black market and via secret speakeasies and hidden lounges, contraband liquor marked the rise of cocktail culture, along with the liberation of women in society.

A change to the 19th Amendment in August 1920, granted women the right to vote, triggering independence in a host of different ways. Gone was the traditional homemaker, and in was the proud woman who not only worked hard but partied hard, too.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

The revolution had arrived with restrictions replaced by unwavering freedom, as embodied by the flappers. Corsets and long skirts were given up in favour of risqué knee-grazing hemlines, voluminous hairstyles were swapped for chic gender-defying bobs, and engagement rings were ousted by cocktail rings.

The predominantly male bars and speakeasies became the leisure of women, who weren’t afraid to celebrate their single status and draw attention to the illicit cocktail beverages they were sipping, which they did by proudly adorning their right hands with bold, flamboyant cocktail rings.

A dazzling display of decadence, defiance and confidence, this set precedence for generations of women to come, and so the cocktail rings established themselves as the ultimate accessory of exuberance for women to flaunt their growing independence, and ended up becoming the statement rings of today.

Say cheers to the new roaring ‘20s

With a period of uncertainty defined by the stifling effects of the Covid-19 pandemic coming to an end, there is no better gift than the present, so relish in the luxury of being able to live life to its fullest and its most free.

To mark the dawning of this new age of decadence, Ernest Jones has reimagined the classic cocktail ring with the lavish New Glam collection as a toast to the new roaring ‘20s, so go ahead and immerse yourself in the jubilation of dancing, dining and socialising once again.

Whether you prefer a rooftop bar, restaurant or an indulgent spa, self-love has never been more relevant, so there’s no need to wait for an engagement ring – a cocktail ring is all about celebrating you. So, regardless of your choice of rest and recreation, just make sure you say cheers in standout style with the perfect cocktail ring that’s right there waiting for you in store and online at Ernest Jones today.