Old photographs with gold trilogy diamond ring

Trilogy: A Story Of One Extraordinary Love

With three sumptuous diamonds at the heart of every design, the Trilogy collection marries sparkling charm with sentimentality. Imbued with meaning, each piece features three diamonds that convey the magical journey of your past, present and future spent with the love of your life.

15 June 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

Are you ready to discover a collection that tells a story of one extraordinary love? Each piece within the Trilogy collection is defined by three exquisite diamonds that represent your past, present and future, marking each glorious chapter of your everlasting romance.

Three is a magic number

A number exuding profound significance, three is considered special by a host of cultures and civilisations, lending even more meaning to each impeccably crafted piece that forms this beautiful collection.

Considered a sacred symbol, three also represents the trinity of the body, soul and spirit. More significantly, in relation to you and your loved one, three also stands for harmony and completeness – which is everything they give to you.

Why a diamond is the perfect way to express your love

Considered the tears of gods by the Ancient Greeks and the splinters of fallen stars by the Romans, diamonds captivated the imagination of civilisations old and new and across the world because of their spectacular radiance.

Symbolic of unequivocal beauty, brilliance and strength, diamonds are the ultimate symbol of unbreakable devotion thanks to their tough but beautiful exterior.

Moreover, considering that diamonds are such a rare find and represent natural phenomena at its most creative and wonderful, this also signifies just how precious and unique they are.

A precious past

From the moment your eyes first met, to when your hearts connected and you knew immediately then that this person is the one, how better to encompass how thrilling those early moments of your love were than with diamonds?

For the awkward first date to the jubilant birthdays and happy holidays, thank your significant other for all those incomparable and irreplaceable times you wouldn’t swap for the world with this stunning necklace. Suspended by a 9ct white gold chain, the opulent style spotlights three brilliant-cut diamonds that are a splendid way to tell your love story.

The gift of the present

In the midst of a changing world with its own unique challenges, show that special someone in your life your love and appreciation for being a constant beacon of light. Whether it’s making your day with a tasty treat or a silly joke or providing comfort during low moods, there’s no better moment than now to thank them for being there for you and for all the sweet gestures they’ve provided along the way.

With the wonders the world has to offer ever closer in sight to enjoy once again, ensure your beloved radiates resplendence everywhere they go with the help of three sumptuous stones adorning this decadent diamond ring. Imagined in 18ct white gold, this design is characterised by shimmering fancy cut diamonds, lined, of course, in three to symbolise the three stages of your lives spent together, forever.

A beautiful future awaits you

Whatever stage of your love story you’re at – whether the perfect proposal is just around the corner or you are days from celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary – moments of sheer joy and bliss are ready to greet you.

Time is as precious as every minute you spend together, so take the opportunity to laugh, embrace them closely in your arms and treat them to the luxury they deserve. Make plans, fit dates into the diary and slip this beautiful 18ct yellow gold ring onto their finger that promises brighter days ahead.

Any occasion is the perfect occasion to declare your devotion

Whether it’s the past, present or future, any moment is a worthy moment to celebrate the power of love, so don’t wait for Christmas or Valentine’s Day when every day can feel like a milestone occasion. Make their sweet dreams even more special by placing this divine 9ct pendant onto their pillow, so they wake up to the dazzling sight of three decadent diamonds.

However, wherever or whenever you decide to gift one of the beautiful pieces in the Trilogy collection, you’re guaranteed a moment neither of you will ever forget, so add another joyous chapter to your extraordinary love story by exploring the range online or in-store at Ernest Jones today.