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Watch Budget: Considered Timepiece Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy a watch with an impressive pedigree and authentic craftsmanship, you’ll find an exceptional timepiece that will suit your budget.

01 November 2019 ERNEST JONES - EDITOR

There are so many simply stunning watches available today, that as long as you’re slightly flexible on either some of the features or subtle changes in design, you’ll find the right watch for you at the right price. Quite often, its best to peruse with an understanding of your priorities. For instance, you may choose a handsome style over any technical specifications, whereas others may rather built-in GPS with water-resistance to 100m, rather than a beautiful jewelled bezel. So, if you have a specific watch budget, you may like to take a look at our considered timepiece buying guide, written to help you navigate through the varying choices of watches on offer.

Respected Watch Brand Authenticity

A noble place to start is with the leading, eminent watch brands. Prominent watchmakers like TAG Heuer, Breitling and Omega, are world-renowned for their authenticity, artistry and expertise, and their timepieces often become collector’s items maintaining their value for years to come. One of the prime benefits of buying a prestigious brand is that you won’t be paying disproportionally for a watch trying to be something it’s not. Remember too, that depending on the brand, each will have a classic model, which tend to be more reasonably priced than the brand’s fresher newer watch releases. So, if you are looking for an iconic investment piece, take a look at the TAG Heuer Formula 1, the Breitling Colt 44 Series or the Omega De Ville range of watches. These wristwatches are both luxurious and reliable timepieces, with a slightly more easy-on-the-pocket price tag.

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Beautiful Watches in Homage to the High-Profile Brands

Whilst you may have read a lot of watch reviews, and decided on the brand, design and features of your ultimate timepiece, its cost may be a little out of reach. So rather than lose heart, we advise on seeking out a just-as-striking wristwatch, with all the functionality and a similar look that pays homage to its more prestigious brother or sister. If you’re seeking a Chronograph watch with historical reference, take a look at The Bulova Lunar Pilot watch. This watch pays homage to the Bulova Chronograph used on the 1971 Apollo 15 mission to the moon, so its pedigree is certainly on a par. If you love blue watch face, chronograph aesthetics, then the Rotary Monaco Men’s Stainless Steel Blue Dial Bracelet Watch has the style and amazing accuracy, at an affordable price. Adore the bravura of a ladies’ gold bracelet watch? This Tissot Le Locle Ladies Two Colour Bracelet Watch looks remarkable with its two colour strap and gold case

Diamond Watches on a Budget

Next in our watch budget: the considered timepiece buying guide, we’d thought we’d talk about the well-admired diamond watch. Diamonds are, after all, held in high esteem, and in ladies’ watches, this is no exception. Timeless and elegant, this precious stone speaks luxury. A diamond watch doesn’t need to cost thousands though. Often considered to craft the best budget diamond watches, are the well-accepted fashion brands. Absolutely exquisite is the Rotary Ladies Windsor Mother of Pearl Bracelet Watch or the Boss Diamonds Ladies Rose Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch.

The Best Not-Too-Pricey Automatic Diving Watches

If you’re dreaming of taking a scuba diving holiday soon and want enough in the savings pot for both a trip of a lifetime, and a gorgeous diver’s watch, you may want to consider the durable and good-looking Ball Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime Men’s Bracelet Watch or the Seiko Prospex Land Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. At a holiday-friendly price, these watches can still be worn for both scuba dives and great nights out. All of these diver’s watches are incredibly robust and you can wear them anywhere, yet still dress up a suit without them looking out of place.

Smarter Priced Smartwatches

If you like to ride the technological wave yet you’re looking for a smarter priced smartwatch, there is an incredible collection to choose from, all within an affordable watch budget. Smartwatches are the perfect companion for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and/or want to stay connected whilst on the move. Many brands sync seamlessly to your Smartphone whilst simultaneously provide a whole host of other techie features besides. So last, but by no means least, in our considered timepiece buying guide, we have a few price-clever Smartwatches you may want to consider. How about looking at the Alpina Alpinerx Men’s Navy Blue Leather Strap Smart Watch for some of the latest technology? Aspiring a stylish ladies’ smartwatch, take a peek at the GC Connect Ladies’ Two Colour Bracelet Watch for both brains and beauty.

The value you place on a watch is, of course, a subjective matter and in our watch budget guide, we’ve tried to cover all price ranges, as well as comparable aesthetics and features. As you can see, there is an array of watches to choose from, all of which still evoke luxury style whilst being accessibly affordable. More detailed information on what to look out for when purchasing a watch can be found in our Watch Buyer’s Guide.