Founded in 1830, Baume & Mercier was built on the foundations of “Accept only perfection; only manufacture watches of the highest quality”. To this day, the Swiss watch brand continues to exemplify elegance, timelessness and affordable luxury.
Consisting of six different collections targeting both men and women, Baume & Mercier is a symbol of the perfect gift to celebrate or mark an occasion or special moment in life. Each new collection created is inspired by the rich Baume & Mercier heritage, ensuring the horological expertise built over 185 years continues to flourish.

Famous for being built in only 90 days and featuring the iconic flat, blue and white back, the Daytona Coupe set records from its first day on the track. Baume & Mercier have collaborated with Peter Brock, the designer of the Daytona Coupe, to create three iconic watches.