Build your own watch – Bremont MBII

Here you can build your very own version of the iconic Bremont MBII timepiece. With over 1,000 possible combinations, you can create your own watch, your own way. Building your own watch is a great way to achieve everything you had in mind for your new timepiece. Purchasing a luxury watch is just that, a luxury –which is why we want it to be perfect for you. Using the configurator,you can choose from a variety of options and you can preview your custom watch every step of the way.

Begin your customisation by choosing a case finish –stainless steel or DLC. Then it’s time to choose your preferred colours of dial and barrel, whether it’s a monochrome look you’re after or something with a bit more colour. Next up is choosing whether you want your case back open or closed–a great step in creating something unique.Then it’s time to choose your strap-leather? stainless steel? acertain colour in mind? The opportunities are endless here. The final step is choosing your buckle, and whether you want added engravement–and there you have the perfect watch ready to be placed upon your wrist.

You can preview your watch through every step of the configuration,but the finishing look is available at the end of the process.