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Shy Creation Jewellery

Shy Creation Jewellery

All Shy Creation items are hand set and all stones are natural and hand-picked.

About Shy Creation

Shy Creation sparkles with unique designs inspired by a historic legacy and curated for the modern woman. The Shy brand focuses on a fashion forward gold and diamond jewelry. Shy Creation emerged as "the" lifestyle brand for women proclaiming their own unique expression of empowerment and style.

Shy Creation perfected "the art of the stack" - stunning gold and diamond rings when combined on a finger, shines with brilliance, fire and sparkle. Dangling earrings are a hit at a cocktail party or a night on the town.

Diamond pendants and necklaces layered together proclaim a woman's self-esteem and beauty. Diamond bracelets and formfitting gold bangles make a stunning statement when stacked together on the wrist. Shy Creation is at the forefront of gold and diamond ring jewelry, empowering every woman to proclaim their personal style.

The height of fashion - the Kate collection's pave rings, bands, pendants and studs are the ultimate fashion and style statement in diamond gold jewelry.

The Eden collection line is a sleek style of diamond rich jewelry with of the modern twist on the classic halo. Eden earrings and bracelets is for women seeking a timeless and bold look. Each design represents edgy elegance in the modern era.

Shy captures the art of love in each collection of gold and diamond ring designs. Shy Creation is the ultimate lifestyle brand reaching the height of fashion with innovative jewelry designs inspiring each woman to define their own style.

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Up to 5 Years Interest Free Credit Available

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