5 special ways to deliver a gift

Gift giving can be just as good as receiving – especially when you have found the perfect gift you know they will love and you simply can't wait to see their face when they open it.

Putting a little extra effort into the act of giving will make the big reveal all the more special and memorable. It doesn't have to take much extra effort and you'll also be creating a great story to tell every time the thoughtful gift is shown to friends and family.

1. The unlikely delivery person

On a special occasion, chances are your loved one will be expecting a gift from you. They will more than likely be expecting you to present it to them in the standard way. Introduce confusion that leads, eventually, to a happy surprise; find someone else to deliver the gift to them, someone they would never think of. Perhaps you could give the task to your child or to an obedient pet that's not averse to having a small box attached to its collar. A neighbour could pretend he got your postal delivery by mistake. The aim is to send them off track, make them think the gift giving is over and then surprise them with the most wonderful and carefully picked jewellery they will fall in love with.

2. Fake packaging

This is a particularly good option if you are notorious for less than successful gift choices in the past. By now you have surely learnt that a good gift shouldn't be something that your loved one needs, it should be something he or she wants. Jewellery is a perfect gift that is sure to please - but send your loved one off track with fake packaging. Start with an empty box from some practical home ware item, something like a kettle - the more believable, the more effective the trick will be. Go for something they have mentioned they need; office supplies, cleaning products, hardware tools and the like are ideal. The look on their face when they find the beautiful gift you have bought them buried inside the wrong packaging will be priceless.

3. Treasure hunt

Instead of simply handing over your gift in the traditional manner, set up a little treasure hunt. This scheme will take a little extra effort but could also become a part of the party or just a chance for you to do something fun together. Present your recipient with an envelope containing the first clue. You could have just a few clues or go crazy with a lengthy adventure all over the place. The final clue will reveal the location of your actual gift and your partner will finally get to see the lovely gift you bought them – it will be worth the wait.

4. The unexpected discovery

Instead of giving your gift, you could let your recipient just happen to stumble upon it. Find somewhere out of place to put your gift. Choose somewhere you know they will find it, somewhere they go every day, such as inside a medicine cabinet, a cereal box or briefcase. Just be sure not to hide your gift so well that it gets lost or overlooked. You're going for a "Wow! I didn't expect that!" reaction and a look of disbelief.

5. Your special place

Think of the places that have meaning to you and your partner. Locations where you share a special memory can make giving a jewellery gift a truly romantic occasion. Or you could tie in your gift giving with another activity you know he or she would like or is interested in trying. Suggest that the activity is the main event so that there is even more surprise and delight when you spring the gift on your special someone.

With just a bit of ingenuity and creative thinking, you can make the giving of the gift equally as rewarding as the gift itself. Jewellery is such a precious, personal gift, and it's worth going a step further to create an experience that matches it.

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