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So you have found the love of your life and you have decided you want to marry her. At Ernest Jones we pride ourselves on our range of beautiful engagement rings, wedding rings and bridal jewellery.
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However we want to take a deeper interest in your fairytale story. We believe your proposal should be perfect and have a few hints and top tips to help it all go completely smoothly.

Ask her parents for permission. It may be an old fashioned rule but it's a tradition that hasn't faded away. A gesture like this is polite and it will show that you have put a lot of thought into your decision and you are respectful of her family. Consider her preferences; if you think she would like this gesture then don't brush it off as an unimportant tradition. If you think she would find the situation embarrassing then don't take this approach. Remember to go with your instinct.

Decide when. Timing is important when it comes to proposing. You will need to feel calm, ready and unrushed. There are a few things you will need to consider when planning the timing of your proposal. You may want to choose a meaningful date to take this momentous step, an anniversary of your relationship, or your first date? Valentine's Day would be particularly romantic and Christmas would be magical.

Proposing on special holidays has both advantages and drawbacks. On the one hand the day might be more meaningful and could be shared with family and friends but on the other hand your proposal date will always share the date of the holiday and you should remember this if you want to celebrate the occasion in the future.

Sometimes the timing of your proposal will choose itself through issues of practicality, for example if the two of you are living in different cities and come together for a special holiday or event and you won't have many other chances to ask. Whenever you decide do it, make sure you have some time alone afterwards to take in, and enjoy the special moment.

Decide where. The place and atmosphere of the proposal will be remembered forever. Of course you can propose anywhere you like but you might want to choose a place which is meaningful to you or somewhere that has a nice setting to make the occasion romantic and memorable. Make sure that you choose somewhere you feel calm, comfortable and at ease. Consider a nice beach, a scene with a sun set, tall buildings with amazing views, a landmark, bridges, beautiful nature settings or even just her favourite restaurant. Do some planning and make reservations if you need to.

Decide how. The manner in which you will propose will be re-told to family and friends over and over again. Consider whether she would like a public proposal with a lot of attention or something more private for just the two of you to enjoy. Will you get down on one knee? This traditional pose is universally recognised and considered truly romantic. However, this tradition isn't for everyone and you might decide you want to come up with something a little more creative, consider hiding the ring or asking through a puzzle. Use your imagination and ensure that the way you ask is romantic and memorable.

Dress to impress. Consider your setting and dress practically but make sure that you are looking your best and are well groomed. Practise. Practise makes perfect. Practise how you will ask just to help you get the phrasing right and the hearing the words out loud can help you to process the situation.

Choose the right ring. The right ring will make your proposal perfect. This is something we can really help you with at Ernest Jones. We have put together a useful engagement ring buyer's guide to help you make all the right choices and we have a wide selection of beautiful engagement rings where you are sure to find something that is perfect for your bride-to-be.