Tag Heuer Eclusive at Ernest Jones

TAG Heuer has always excelled in creating incredibly versatile timepieces with their avant-garde philosophy at the heart of everything they do. The TAG Heuer Carrera shows off their mastery of traditional swiss-design. The Aquaracer series features a mixture of sport-sensibility and colourful designs. The Formula 1 series offers functional timekeeping par excellence. And the Monaco series famous for its squared dial and being worn by celebrities. With the meticulous and precise art of swiss-watchmaking and the combination of an attitude that never cracks under pressure, TAG Heuer keeps itself rooted in the fighting spirit of always moving forward.

TAG Heuer Exclusive Aquaracer

The patent for the first water-resistant case was filed in 1892 by Edouard Heuer. It was instant hit. Since then, water sports have been a favourite of TAG Heuer, which excels at designing particularly reliable pieces, with a sports-chic look. Other than their capacity to meet the most extreme of water sport needs, the new Aquaracer watches are also a delight to behold, with their new ceramic, 12-sided bezel. Their ultra-modern designs make them a must-have item.

TAG Heuer Exclusive Aquaracer Limited Edition front
TAG Heuer Exclusive Aquaracer Limited Edition side
TAG Heuer Exclusive Aquaracer Limited Edition flat

TAG Heuer Exclusive Formula 1

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection was created in 1987, inspired by the world of Formula 1. Today, its laidback look is usually worn outside the paddocks. Clubbers, hipsters, thrill-seekers, sportspeople: they all identify with the striking design and well-established personality. When you add the comfort and elegance of the H-shaped bracelet, paired with both simplicity and distinction, you get a surprisingly bold collection that appeals to all women.

TAG Heuer Exclusive Formula 1 front
TAG Heuer Exclusive Formula 1 side
TAG Heuer Exclusive Formula 1 flat