The Marco Bicego brand combines old world tradition with contemporary design and conveys the typical values and details of Made in Italy. The distinct uniqueness of my timeless jewels can be described through artisanal craftsmanship and imperfect shapes, always made in 18ct gold.

The Art of jewellery making since 1958

Marco Bicego's passion for the ancient art of goldsmith work is in his upbringing and hit ties to family and tradition. The knowledge passed along to him by his father developed into a love of the craft, encompassing everything from his admiration for the workmanship to his appreciation of the artistry found in traditional goldsmith techniques.

The inspiration behind the creation of my jewels is rooted in my Venetian origins and the natural settings surrounding my territory. I have always believed in quality and in the secret of Italian jewellery.

Handmade Crafts

Artisans rely on know-how to transform raw materials into pure expressions of contemporary elegance.


Intertwining gold coils, a signature of Marco Bicego jewellery studded by luminous diamonds.


Gold thread twisted and woven by hand is an expression of luxury and elegance.


Harmoniously matched precious stones make each creation unique.

Jaipur Link

Organically shaped gold rings linked together to form beautiful chains.


Artisanal details and intensity of the multicolored stones combined with the purest pearls, make the Paradise collection appropriate for any occasion.


Inspired by tribal jewellery and the soft dunes of the Sahara, this collection is an extravagant expression of golden boules of different sizes and finishes, all individually hand engraved and textured.

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