Designing your own engagement ring

An engagement ring is a very personal gift. For such a special occasion, you may want something that's entirely unique to you. While we have a wide variety of engagement rings on offer, sometimes you want something made entirely to your own specifications.

Thankfully, you can design your own engagement ring using our in store design service, exclusive to Ernest Jones.

How to design your own engagement ring

Our design service allows you to design your own ring with advice from jewellers and designers so that you get the exact diamond, setting, metal and design that you want.

An engagement ring isn't an everyday purchase, so it's important to get it right. Our advisors will talk you through the various options available for each part of the ring, allowing you to put together the perfect engagement ring:

  • Engagement ring styles - discover the difference between a solitaire and a halo, or how a cluster ring differs from a trilogy style
  • Stone types - whether it's a classic diamond or a more contemporary gemstone like sapphire or ruby, our advisors will run you through your options
  • Engagement ring metals - white gold might be the popular choice, but is a yellow or rose gold ring more your thing? Or perhaps you'd prefer platinum
  • Engagement ring settings - You can also choose how the focal diamond or stone is held in place, with a wide range of ring settings available
  • Visit your local Ernest Jones store or book an appointment and speak to one of our friendly store assistants about our design service.

    Our bridal expertise

    At Ernest Jones we understand that purchasing an engagement ring is an emotional and financial investment. We have over 60 years' experience and the passion of our highly trained staff to help you find your desired engagement ring. As part of the world's largest specialist jewellers we will be able to guide you through the characteristics of each and every diamond so that you find the diamond engagement ring that's perfect for you. Ask a member of staff in one of your local Ernest Jones stores and they will be glad to help and advise you and answer any questions you might have.

    At Ernest Jones, we offer a wide range of services to guarantee that you are confident with your engagement ring purchase. If you do change your mind, you can return your engagement ring within 30 days for a full refund or exchange*. For more details, please see our full returns & exchanges information.

    Certificated diamonds

    If you want that extra peace of mind, a certificated diamond is just the thing. Every certificated diamond comes complete with a Jewellery Identification Report from the International Gemmological Institute, an internationally-recognised grading laboratory. This report contains an account of the diamond and assures its colour, clarity, carat weight and cut.


    Our diamond sourcing policy

    The source of our diamonds is an issue we take very seriously. You can be confident that concrete and comprehensive measures are being taken to ensure the products we sell do not include conflict diamonds.

    We require all our trade suppliers of diamonds and diamond jewellery to provide us with a warranty that they do not supply us with conflict diamonds.


    Caring for your engagement ring

    To avoid dulling your diamond's optimum fire and natural brilliance, it is best to remove any jewellery when using oils, soaps and cosmetics. You can keep your beautiful engagement ring looking as stunning as the day you bought it with the Ernest Jones jewellery cleaning range - an all-in-one solution to cleaning, protecting and storing.

    Although diamonds are very durable, we also recommend removing your engagement ring when carrying out strenuous work to avoid it being chipped by a hard knock. It is also important to ensure that your diamond engagement ring does not come into contact with chlorine bleach as this can damage the setting.

    At Ernest Jones, we give you a lifetime promise to clean and annually inspect your diamond engagement ring for weakened or bent claws. Please bring your diamond privilege card along to any Ernest Jones store where we can assist you further.

    Design your own engagement ring guide