Engagement Ring Metal Guide

At Ernest Jones we offer engagement rings in a range of metals including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Here's a run down of the options available when it comes to engagement ring metals.

Yellow gold engagement rings

At one time the most common option, yellow gold engagement rings offer a classic look that's suitable for any occasion. A gold band looks perfect with a diamond, but is also versatile enough to carry a more colourful stone such as a ruby or an emerald.

White gold engagement rings

White gold is the modern day favourite when it comes to engagement ring metals. White gold engagement rings look great when paired with wedding rings of the same metal, or can be worn with other gold colours for a bolder fashion statement.

Rose gold engagement rings

The rose gold renaissance of the last few years has extended to the engagement ring. Offering a modern look, rose gold engagement rings can be worn with similar jewellery or mixed with other metals. As well as diamonds, modern stone choices like morganite also look amazing with a rose gold ring.

Platinum engagement rings

A more robust and durable option than gold, platinum engagement rings have also seen a rise in popularity in recent times. This white metal offers a timeless and contemporary look, and its natural strength means that any diamonds or stones are kept safe in their setting. If you're after a metal that will retain its shine for years to come, platinum is your best bet as it never dulls or tarnishes.

Silver engagement rings

For a more affordable option, silver engagement rings offer style at a fraction of the price. If you're on a budget, a silver engagement ring may be an option. However, silver is a much softer metal than gold or platinum, so you may wish to go for something more durable to withstand the rigours of everyday wear.

Mixed metal engagement rings

If you're looking for something a little more unique, you could consider a mixed metal option such as a two colour gold engagement ring. These come in a range of stunning designs, with a combination of different gold components. Choose from white gold with yellow gold, or white gold complemented by rose gold detailing.

What's the best metal for an engagement ring?

When choosing an engagement ring metal, most people prefer to go for gold or platinum. However, the decision often lies in your partner's personal fashion taste or lifestyle.

If your partner's jewellery collection consists of mostly yellow metals it may be wise to choose a traditional yellow gold engagement ring as it will be a ring that they will treasure and wear all the time.

If your partner's collection consists of white metals you may want to choose an engagement ring in a precious metal such as white gold, platinum or palladium. Alternatively rose gold engagement ring offers a chic and contemporary look.

For someone who leads an active lifestyle, a platinum ring may be more appropriate, given its durability.

Remember that your wedding band should be the same metal as your engagement ring to avoid the metal wearing or scratching.

Read our precious metals buyer's guide to find out more about choosing the right metal for you.