Engagement Ring Settings

The setting is what holds the diamond in your engagement ring, however it is more than just security for your diamond – it helps to create the overall look of your ring.

Prong setting

A prong setting acts like a claw to grasp the diamond, it raises up the diamond so that it is unhindered and on show allowing the diamond to catch the light and sparkle as a diamond should.

Halo setting

A halo setting combines the security of a prong setting and the sparkle of multiple diamonds. A centre stone is secured underneath a rim adorned with smaller diamonds.

Bezel setting

This setting provides extra security for the diamond – metal is formed around the shape of the diamond, and the top of the stone sits flush to the perimeter of the setting which produces a clean, modern look.

Invisible setting

A floor of diamonds set side by side to create an all diamond surface which can result in a striking and contemporary ring.

Channel setting

A channel setting in a ring features a row of diamonds side by side, suspended by individual seats cut into each side of the channel and is often used for side stones to add more sparkle to the ring.

Pave setting

Like paving the surface of the band with diamonds.

Engagement ring setting guide