Found in countries such as Brazil, Russia, Madagascar and Canada, amethyst has distinctive inclusions which resemble tiger-stripes, organic prints, or feathers. In a range of shades from purple, lilac and mauve, this beauty belonging to the quartz family will add elegance to all forms of jewellery. Amethyst is versatile due to the variety in colour, size and price point. Amethyst is believed to cure drunkenness and symbolise sobriety.

Birthstone: February
Moh hardness: 7 (1 softest to 10 hardest)


Amethyst care

Amethyst is a durable gemstone however it will need care and attention to keep it looking its best, it should be stored in a soft pouch or jewellery box to prevent scratching. Soap and liquid cleaners should be avoided as these may cause the dulling of the stone. Harsh detergents or chemicals such as bleach or chlorine could cause erosion. To clean amethyst rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a soft jewellery cloth.