This alluring green gemstone is mostly found in granites around Colombia. Chromium and vanadium give it the envious green colour that will make any piece of jewellery look sublime. Emeralds are always oiled to strengthen and enhance their colour. Associated with loyalty, faithfulness and friendship, emeralds are ideal for both classic and contemporary style jewellery and are valued much the same way as diamonds; by cut, carat weight, clarity and colour.

Birthstone: May
Moh hardness: 7.5 (1 softest to 10 hardest)

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Emerald care

Emerald is a soft delicate gemstone which is vulnerable to scratching, damage and erosion. Emerald jewellery will need special care and attention to ensure it is kept looking its best. Emerald jewellery should be stored in a soft jewellery pouch or box to prevent scratching or damage from other jewellery. It should be cleaned thoroughly with water and dried with a soft jewellery cloth. Emerald jewellery should not be cleaned with diamond or gemstone solution cleaner and contact with harsh detergents and chemicals such as bleach or chlorine should be avoided as they may cause erosion to the stone.