Silver & Other Metals

Sterling silver

Sterling silver is a fresh and contemporary precious metal found in mines around Australia, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia and Peru. Mixed with other metals to increase its strength, it is perfect for making bigger statement jewellery and has been used throughout history for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches. Sterling silver goes perfectly with diamonds and other precious gemstones. As with all precious metals,sterling silver jewellery will carry a hallmark declaring its quality and authenticity. VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF STERLING SILVER JEWELLERY


Cobalt is naturally a white alloy which is often used for men's rings as it is durable and fairly scratch resistant. It is also fairly resistant to corrosion and wear. VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF COLBALT JEWELLERY

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is made up of 11% chromium mixed with steel to prevent the metal rusting, tarnishing or corroding. It has strong and durable qualities which make it perfect for someone with an active lifestyle. Widely used by designers for its versatility stainless steel is a shiny, radiant affordable metal. It is used for all kinds of jewellery such as earrings, watches, bracelets. VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF STAINLESS STEEL JEWELLERY


Titanium is most commonly used in men's watches and jewellery including wedding rings because of its durability. This contemporary metal with a polished finish comes in colours of black, grey and silver. Found in countries like China, Norway, South Africa and New Zealand it is one of the strongest metals making it suitable for everyday use. Titanium is also hypoallergenic and doesn't include alloys. VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF TITANIUM JEWELLERY


This unassuming metal is four times harder than titanium and has a brilliant shine to it which makes it ideal for men's wedding rings and other types of jewellery. Tungsten is a unique metal found in the regions of China, Brazil, Peru, Thailand and Portugal. VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF TUNGSTEN JEWELLERY


Palladium is fast becoming popular for engagement rings due to its white finish. As part of the platinum family of precious metals, it can be used as an alloy when making white gold. Palladium has a great purity and strength which prevents it from expanding when exposed to heat. It is lighter than platinum and does not tarnish; it is a metal that will look great for years to come. As with all precious metals, palladium jewellery will carry a hallmark declaring its quality and authenticity. VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF PALLADIUM JEWELLERY


Some jewellery metals can be plated; sometimes that plating is a precious metal over another precious metal. The most commonly seen is silver, gold and rhodium plating. Any precious metal used for plating must still be of a legally recognised fineness. Although the finished item is covered with a precious metal, it cannot be hallmarked as it is only a covering.

Skin allergies and sensitive skin

If you want to know which metals are the best options for those with sensitive skin or skin allergies speak to a member of staff in any Ernest Jones store who will be happy to advise you.