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Edward Mirell jewellery at Ernest Jones

03 June 2010

Ernest Jones is delighted to announce the arrival of one of the most exciting men's jewellery collections available this season. Featuring a collection of jewellery featuring cutting edge technology, the Edward Mirell collection breaks new ground in fashion.

Modern designs and metals

Developed using contemporary metals, such as titanium, Edward Mirell jewellery focuses on design, comfort and durability. Each piece is made in the Edward Mirell design facility in Florida, offering assured quality and craftsmanship.

The collection at Ernest Jones

The Edward Mirell collection at Ernest Jones includes:

Founding design excellence

Edward Mirell was founded by Edward Rosenberg and Mirella Connor. Edward Rosenberg comes from a family of jewellery designers and combines his background of design with contemporary metals and modern manufacturing. Mirella Connor bring a respect for tradition and quality to her work. Together they are Edward Mirell and offer some of the most exciting modern men's jewellery available today.

Explore the Edward Mirell collection now.