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Lockets at Ernest Jones

14 June 2008

Lockets at Ernest Jones

Lockets are a thoughtful and loving gift with a traditional feel, as modern and exciting as any other piece of jewellery, but with a romantic and sentimental twist. Ernest Jones has a wide range of lockets, suitable for all occasions and tastes.

Ideal gifts for any occasion

At Ernest Jones you can be sure to find what you are looking for from our wide selection of lockets. Prices range from £30 - £290, and vary from traditional heart shaped lockets, to the stunning Hot Diamond 9ct gold diamond set lockets for a truly dazzling memento. Lockets can be used to store photographs, or even mementos such as locks of hair. This makes them ideal commemorative gifts for weddings, christenings and anniversaries. Some lockets even have room for two or more photographs, so you can carry pictures of you and your spouse, your parents or even your own children or grand children around with you and treasure their memory whenever you feel like it.

Modern and versatile

Available in different shapes such as heart shaped, oval or round, lockets are a versatile gift. For even more variation you can also choose from materials such as gold, silver, white gold, or for a truly modern locket, platinum.

Why buy a locket?

Worn around the neck, or as a charm on a bracelet, lockets are versatile and fashionable. Lockets are perfect gifts for Valentine's Day, weddings and anniversaries. A gift that captures the romance and emotion of any occasion, in Victorian times they were even given as gifts at funerals. Whatever the reason, a locket will be appreciated, treasured and loved by whoever you give it to.

If you want to keep someone special close to your heart with a stylish locket from Ernest Jones, view our entire range here.