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Yellow Gold Jewellery at Ernest Jones

23 January 2013

For centuries, yellow gold has been associated with luxury, riches and lavish decoration, featuring highly in the jewellery and accessory market. Ernest Jones is a proud supplier of a variety of high-quality yellow gold jewellery, including yellow gold earrings, yellow gold necklaces, yellow gold bracelets and the classic yellow gold engagement rings.

What is yellow gold?

Yellow gold is a valuable metal with a distinctively shiny, bright yellow colour, differing fom other metals which are commonly grey or silver in colour. Its purity is measured in carat weight, 24ct yellow gold being considered pure. The most common carat weight at Ernest Jones is 9ct yellow gold and 18ct yellow gold, with a small range of 14ct yellow gold jewellery, more commonly used in America. A popular alternative to yellow gold is white gold, which exhibits a white, silvery appearance due to its bonding with other silver coloured metals such as tin, nickel, zinc and palladium. Other alternative metals for jewellery include titanium, stainless steel and tungsten.

Why yellow gold jewellery?

Yellow gold creates a prestigious and exclusive feel due to its unique colour, contrasting to the majority of other metals. It is the most valuable of the gold metals, rendering its jewellery desirable and of the highest quality. Yellow gold is a dense yet malleable metal, making it ideal for crafting into beautiful and highly detailed jewellery.

Yellow gold jewellery brands

Yellow gold jewellery is available from a variety of brands at Ernest Jones, online and in store. Renowned Italian jewellery brand Fope produce originally designed yellow gold earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, skillfully crafted with the utmost precision and elegance. Meanwhile, Marco Bicego offers a contemporary range of luxury yellow gold jewellery for everyday, inspired by nature and travel and composed with a combination of 18ct yellow gold and colourful jewels. From simple, yellow gold designer fashion jewellery from Gucci, to exclusive yellow gold charms from Chamilia, Ernest Jones caters for all your desires.

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