Watch Water Resistance Guide

When choosing a water resistant watch from Ernest Jones, whether it is for sporting reasons or just because you love the brand, this part of our guide aims to provide you with an understanding of water resistance measurements before you decide to purchase.

How water resistance works

Water resistance is the ability of a watch to withstand splashes of water. Water resistance ratings are listed in depths or pressure, usually metres which appear on the watch dial. This depth rating actually signifies the results of a static pressure test, undertaken in a laboratory environment. The number of metres shown is not to be confused with how deep underwater a watch can go. Unless a watch is built specifically for deep sea diving then water resistance feature means that the watch is not designed for prolonged use under water.

A watch marked as water-resistant without a depth indication is designed for accidental splashes only. Take a look at the water resistance chart for specific information.

Care and maintaining a water-resistant watch

Here are some tips for maintaining your watch's ability to resist water for as long as possible:

  • Batteries in a water-resistant watch should be changed only by the manufacturer or approved service agent so that the seal can be checked and renewed if necessary. If this is not done, the watch can no longer be guaranteed water-resistant.
  • Remember leather straps are less resistant when exposed to water frequently.
  • After swimming or diving in seawater, rinse your watch in fresh water afterwards and dry thoroughly, to prevent a build-up of corrosive salt.
  • Although your watch is water-resistant, we would recommend removing it before a hot shower or entering a sauna. This is because extreme heat can cause watch seals to expand and create openings, allowing water droplets to get inside.

If you are looking for a performance diver's watch then see the water resistance chart for more guidance. For a watch suitable for scuba diving, a design featuring a screw in crown keeps the watch water tight as the crown screws directly into the watch case.

Rotary Dolphin Standard

Rotary watches feature a unique 'Dolphin Standard' across their entire range of watches. 'Dolphin Standard' means that the watches have been upgraded to an exclusive waterproof specification meaning they are suitable for swimming, showering, and various watersports not including scuba diving. Now that you are familiar with different water resistance levels, when shopping you can decide on which watch is right for you. Visit our brand list to view our full range of watches.

Watch complications

A complication is a watch that has an additional function other than timekeeping and the date, such as a chronograph, moonphase or power reserve. Adding more functions to a watch makes it a more desirable and unique timepiece.

Today's watch designs incorporate a number of multi-functional features. The following guide offers in-depth detail of the features and functions available amongst the leading watch brands.

A watch with a moonphase display features the different phases of the moon throughout the year. It's an additional calendar function and is the visual feature that attracts people to this style of dial.
Skeleton dial
Watches with intricate detailing combined with classic design are a popular feature for those who enjoy wearing traditional timepieces. The skeleton dial features a cut out detail in order to display the beauty of the inner workings of the watch. It is usually a mechanical watch with visual moving parts, in the sense you can see the skeleton of the watch.

Watch functions

Choosing a watch with the right functions is something that often comes down to lifestyle and your specific requirements. You may want to invest in a timepiece suitable for sports; features may include stopwatch, specific water resistance or uni-directional rotating bezel. For example:

A chronograph is a stopwatch, featuring two or three similar smaller sub dials; all of these dials display seconds and minutes, allowing the wearer to time themselves for various activities. Chronograph watches are often considered to be quite sporty designs, although they are becoming popular in fashion styles.
Perpetual calendar
A watch featuring a perpetual calendar function tells you the exact date and automatically adjusts variations to whatever the year, day and month it is. A perpetual calendar can also take into account the varying days in a month, as well as leap years.
The tachymeter is situated around the rim of a watch and is used to calculate speed over a known distance. Many watches featuring a tachymeter usually also feature a stopwatch function and have a sports design, featured in brands like Breitling, Tag Heuer and Omega amongst others.


The working features and functions are an important part of your watch buying decision. The definitive watch guide brings you up to date with the latest additional technological watch features. Browse our men's watches and ladies' watches to see which watch is right for you.

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