The luxury range

This section features information about our luxury selection of brands that are only available in selected stores. When buying a luxury watch, you should take some time to research the brand. At Ernest Jones we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of brands, all of the highest quality and luxury and we will do everything we can to help you find the best watch for you.

If you're treating yourself or a loved one to the gift of a timepiece, this is a once in a lifetime purchase. Choose the right style and brand and a watch can be a lasting investment.


Breitling was the concept of Swiss watchmakers; largely built for aviation, they originally designed high end certified chronometers. Now Breitling produce watches typically feature a large dial for improved visibility and other complications such as flyback function. Breitling watches meet the highest of standards of functionality with all movements surrendered to the inspection of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, presenting the wearer with an elite brand of the highest quality.

TAG Heuer

Founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860 at Saint-Imier in Switzerland, TAG Heuer has been pioneering the Swiss watch industry for over a century. Today TAG Heuer is worn by many glamorous celebrities and sports stars. The iconic Swiss watch brand is continually expanding new and thrilling innovations as well as focusing on its ever fashionable designs.


The world's only certified marine chronometer watch was brought to us by Omega. Omega is a world leader in sports timekeeping and holds records for its accuracy. The brand is historically known for its commitment to innovations and also made famous by James Bond when he adorned the Omega Seamaster Quartz watch. To own an Omega timepiece is every man's dream.

Tudor watches

Creator of Rolex watches, Hans Wilsdorf, founded Tudor watches in 1946. He set out to create a timepiece that maintained the same standards of the iconic Rolex but at an affordable price which catered to a broader international audience. Tudor watches deliver an innovative, cutting-edge style that reinforces their identity.

The following Ernest Jones stores stock Tudor watches. Please click on your nearest store for location details and additional store information:


Cartier creates pioneering and innovative watches, merging precious metals and the latest technology. In 1888 Cartier designed the first ladies' jewellery bracelet watch combining exquisite jewellery with a timepiece. Championed by movie stars and royalty, one of the smallest wristwatches in the world was given to Princess Elizabeth by Cartier in 1938. The historic French brand prides itself on a passion for detail.

The following Ernest Jones stores stock Cartier watches. Please click on your nearest store for location details and additional store information.

Expert consultation

On purchasing a watch from a luxury brand at Ernest Jones, our expert staff have consultation areas in order to advise and discuss your choice before you buy. You can take advantage of our professionalism and knowledge to make sure you receive the best shopping experience. Find out more about our specialist watch services in our watch service section.

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