Vintage jewellery

Drawing on the past is a great way to find a unique and distinctive style. Many jewellery designers take inspiration from history and are influenced by the fashions and trends of the 20th century. Shape, colour, shine, line – when it comes to jewellery, there are particular elements that catch your eye and lure you in.

You will find that vintage inspired jewellery is commonly adorned with pearls, diamonds, colourful precious gemstones, with intricate metal detail such as filigree, milgrain and floral patterns. Vintage style jewellery is often inspired by lace, nature, and geometric designs, with plenty of embellishment delivering sophistication and glamour. Elegant drop earrings create a beautiful vintage look while pear or tear drop shapes are used in pendants, earrings and rings.

To get the vintage look you love, here's an overview of our fantastic range of vintage inspired jewellery at Ernest Jones:


Pearls are naturally formed in shellfish such as oysters and mussels; they have a elegant shimmer and iridescence that makes them ideally suited for use in vintage style jewellery. Pearls have been worn throughout history by royalty and celebrities exhibiting elegance and sophistication.

At Ernest Jones, we have a wide selection of pearl jewellery from brands such as Sea Mist and Yoko London. Choose a simple and delicate pearl pendant for a minimalist vintage look or a luxurious strand of pearls for a lavish and elaborate vintage style


Diamonds are timeless gemstones which undoubtedly make exquisite jewellery. Diamonds carefully arranged in intricate clusters provide the ornate detail of vintage design along with a touch of sparkle and luxury.

Choose diamond jewellery arranged into a pear shape for the ultimate in vintage style. At Ernest Jones, we have a wide selection of diamond jewellery including pendants, earrings, rings and even bracelets.

Gemstone and coloured jewellery

The rich vibrant colours of sapphires, rubies and emeralds create a striking vintage look.

These precious stones are highly luxurious having been worn my several members of royalty throughout history. Sapphire, ruby and emerald are gemstones which complement both white and yellow metals and can be worn as pendants, earrings or rings. Other coloured stones and gems will emulate a vintage style when paired with traditional yellow gold.

Vintage style jewellery sets

Jewellery sets are a great way to ensure that your vintage style necklace and earrings match perfectly. At Ernest Jones, we have a beautiful selection of vintage inspired jewellery sets, whether you are after beautiful pear shaped pendants with complementing earrings or gemstone studs with matching necklaces or maybe sophisticated drop earrings with accompanying pendants.

Whether you would like your jewellery set in a white or yellow metal, adorned with diamonds, stones or pearls, we are confident you will find something you will adore.

Filigree and milgrain jewellery metal patterns

Filigree is a delicate kind of jewellery metal design which reached the height of desirability during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s. Inspired by lace and nature, the elegant filigree designs are still very popular vintage inspired choices in engagement rings, bracelets and even earrings.

Milgrain is the raised beaded detail you will see along the outer edges of jewellery metal designs, translating from the French for 'a thousand grains'. Popularly found on engagement and wedding rings, milgrain decoration can also act as a setting for precious gemstones and diamonds.

You can also find milgrain detail on more contemporary rings, giving your modern jewellery style a classic twist. Originally found on earrings, milgrain detail is now popular on wedding rings and engagement rings.

Vintage inspired bridal

Engagement rings from Neil Lane and Le Vian Chocolatier® have vintage inspired looks while still having their own unique style. Diamond cluster rings or solitaires surrounded by a halo of diamonds also create a vintage look.

Engagement rings from Neil Lane and Le Vian have vintage inspired looks while still having their own unique style. Diamond cluster rings or solitaires surrounded by a halo of diamonds create a vintage look.