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Bringing Back The Sparkle: Jewellery Repairs At Ernest Jones

To ensure your items look just as good as the moment they became yours, we have a range of jewellery repair services to offer so you can feel like you’re falling in love with your pieces for the very first time – every time you wear them.

Over the years there have been some amazing stories behind the jewellery that has come through our doors. Everything from lost family heirlooms and engagement rings that have survived house fires, to intricate pieces missing a stone.

That's where we come in; it's our speciality to service or fully restore pieces that you may think are damaged beyond repair. The secret behind our success is a combination of tried and tested age-old techniques, utilising some of the most advanced equipment in the industry, and of course, the unique skills and experience of our jewellers, who get a genuine sense of satisfaction, knowing that they have kept those memories and moments alive for you.

Breathing new life into old favourites

From repairs and renovations to adjustments and replacements, you can trust that your treasures are in safe hands, from the beginning of their journey with us, to when they're back with you.

Every repair is unique so your piece will undergo an initial assessment by one of our experts who will make the necessary recommendations required to repair, restore or adjust it so that it can gleam gloriously once again.


We can repair or replace all types of findings from bolt rings and earring stems to lobster clasps and safety chains for necklaces, earrings and bracelets so you can continue wearing your cherished pieces day after day.


Whether it’s your wedding ring or your favourite cocktail ring, neither deserves to be without its stone, so let’s help restore your ring back to its dazzling best. The most common reason for a stone falling out is everyday wear and tear to the claws – the grips that hold the stone in its ring setting. We’ll inspect the claws and setting to get an understanding of the work required to repair the setting or replace the stone to ensure it stays firmly in place in the future.

Ring setting and stones


You may have been handed down Granny's beloved bracelet that doesn't quite fit, or you’re finding that your engagement ring is feeling loose. To achieve the perfect fit for you, we begin by conducting an initial technical assessment on the piece first, before carrying out any work as part of our jewellery adjustments and ring resizing services.


Whether your jewellery requires polishing with varying grades of hard and soft-grain finishes; ultrasonic cleaning which utilises waves to remove dirt, grime and polishing sediment from the deepest parts of the pieces; steam cleaning that cleanses and sterilises at the same time; or rhodium plating that restores lustre and light reflection of metal, we consider it our duty to make your pieces gleam again.

Cleaning, polishing and plating

Retaining the resplendence

Our expert jewellers have years of experience in the industry, working with state-of-the-art machinery and traditional repair methods that will safely restore your cherished jewellery. But sometimes, all they need is a little extra care from you at home, so here you will find insightful tips and advice, to keep your pieces in pristine condition, so you can continue to love them for years to come.

Retaining the resplendence


It is important to recognise that different metals and gemstones may be harder than others and can easily be scratched or damaged through knocking against each other. As a result of this, your jewellery items could risk require servicing sooner than they should – or worst case – need repair and restoration, which is why it so vital to store them with care.

We recommend using soft-lined jewellery boxes, especially those with individual compartments to keep pieces separated to avoid abrasion and scratches. We also recommend keeping items in its original packaging whenever possible, so that they remain in their best condition.

It is always wise to close catches and fasteners on a necklace or bracelet to reduce the risk of entanglement or snagging on other items if stored together.

To maintain the colour and finish, jewellery should always be stored out of direct sunlight. Also, keep pieces away from environments where temperature and humidity can fluctuate, or where cosmetics and chemicals may be sprayed, as some metals are susceptible to oxidation causing tarnishing and long-term damage.

Storing your purchases safely

We craft the stories, you create the memories

Now that you know how we can fix your finest pieces to restore them back to their former glory or guide you on how to keep them shining, it’s time to go out and start creating the many stories they will have to tell.

We offer jewellery and watch repairs in all of our stores so you can be sure your pieces are in the best hands. If you're still unsure of what repair or service you may need, book an in-store appointment at your local Ernest Jones where we'll be happy to help.

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