How to measure your ring size

Ring Size Guide: How to Measure Your Ring Size

Learn more about how ring sizes work, how to measure ring size at home and how to book an appointment to be measured in-store.

Whether you are shopping for an engagement or eternity ring for your partner as a surprise, looking to find a gift for a loved one, or you simply want to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewellery, we understand how important it is to find that perfect fit.

Whilst measuring your own ring size is very straightforward, working out what size your partner needs can be challenging, especially if you’re secretly trying to discover their size for that perfect proposal moment. Here we’ll explain how ring sizes work, how to measure ring size at home and how to book an appointment to be measured in-store. We’ve also included a ring size conversion chart to help you get the ideal fit.


In the UK, rings are sized by letters, all the way from A to Z, based on the inner circumference of the ring. For the engagement and wedding finger, which is the finger next to the pinkie on the left hand, the average ring size for ladies is generally between L to N, and between Q and T for men.

At Ernest Jones, we stock a wide range of ring sizes and most of our collection is available in sizes I to S for ladies, and sizes P to Z for men. However, we can also order custom sizes for you as required, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit. If you find the ring isn’t the ideal fit, our experts can also resize most rings but do bear in mind that not all designs are suitable for resizing due to the setting. However, our helpful team is always on hand and will happily advise on the next steps.


Whilst measuring your ring size at home provides a good estimate, a meeting with one of our in-store experts is the best way to guarantee you get the perfect fit. However, we understand this isn’t always possible, particularly if you are making a surprise purchase. If that’s the case, or you aren’t able to pop in and see us, then following these tips will help to give you an accurate reading.

Use an existing ring:

Take a ring that fits on the correct finger and place it onto a piece of paper, then carefully draw out the inner circumference. Measure the inner circumference and the diameter and refer to our ring size conversion chart to calculate the ring size you need. We recommend double checking your measurements to ensure you get the most accurate reading.

Use a piece of string:

To measure the circumference of the intended ring finger, you can use a small length of string, or a strip of paper that is no more than 1.5cm wide. Simply wrap it around the base of the finger upon which the ring will be worn and use a pen to mark the spot where the string or paper joins. Then, unfold and measure from the end to the pen mark, this will tell you your finger’s circumference. You can then use this measurement and the ring size conversion chart to see what ring size will be the best fit for you. We recommend doing this process a few times to avoid any accidental misreads.

Factors to bear in mind when measuring

When making a physical measurement like this there are a few things to bear in mind. It’s best to avoid measuring your fingers when you are cold, as that is when your fingers are at their smallest. You should also be mindful that your fingers are at their largest in the evening, so that is a good time to measure as it will help to ensure the ring will fit comfortably all day. The width of the ring should also be taken into consideration, as the wider the ring, the tighter the fit, so if your measurement leaves you between two sizes, it’s best to go for the slightly larger option.

Working out your partner’s ring size:

If you’re trying to keep the purchase a secret from your partner, then the best option would be to get hold of an existing ring, or an existing ring’s measurements and to take note of which finger it is worn on. Our team can then advise on sizing up or down accordingly for the intended finger. Another option is to pop their ring onto your finger and slide it down until you reach the point at which the ring will travel no further and, using a pen, mark the spot on your finger. You can then head into your nearest Ernest Jones store where we’ll use that cunningly acquired information to work out what your partner’s ring size measurement is.

If you want to keep the secret until the opportune moment, you’ll find more helpful tips in our guide, ‘How to secretly discover your partner’s ring size'.


Ring Size Conversion Chart

Use this handy chart to help you work out what ring size is the ideal fit


Ultimately, the best and most accurate way to get a ring size reading is to come and visit us in-store, where our expert staff can ensure the perfect fit. The process is free, quick and straightforward, and you can either pop in or pre-book an appointment. Whilst in-store, take the opportunity to browse some of the exclusive collections of ladies’ rings and men’s rings, from famed designers such as Vera Wang LOVE, Tolkowsky and Neil Lane. Our helpful team will also be able to answer any questions and help you find the perfect ring for your taste and budget.

Many couples are choosing to come and get their ring fingers measured together, and you can still retain that romantic element of surprise by keeping the what, where and when of the proposal a secret, but you’ll have peace of mind that the size is spot on.


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