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From Here To Eternity: The Evolution Of Eternity Rings

Whether yours is a symbol of love, a celebration of birth or a personal milestone, our eternity rings are expertly crafted to be as special as the stories they represent. From their origins to changing meaning, discover how eternity rings came to be and their unquestionable significance.

02 March 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

Traditionally symbolic of everlasting love, there’s no denying the resounding romance of eternity rings. Gifted as a way of reiterating commitment and devotion, eternity rings tend to be bestowed upon lovers as an anniversary gift some years after exchanging vows and bands at their wedding.

Here at Ernest Jones, we believe that every day in your love story is a special day and should be celebrated, and so an eternity ring shouldn’t necessarily be tied to an occasion or given to honour a length of time spent together. Interestingly, eternity rings have changed meaning over time and continue to do so. We’re paying tribute to this ongoing evolution of exquisiteness and expert craftsmanship by exploring the history of eternity rings and the designs that capture their beauty.

A brief history of eternity rings

The first known eternity rings can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians circa 2000 BC, where they were given as a symbol of never-ending love and life. For some time, this emotive gesture had been lost but the trend was revived by the Western world in the 18th century. In addition to engagement rings and wedding bands, promise rings – a symbol of commitment prior to betrothal – and eternity rings became commonplace, allowing for more opportunities to make a statement of love. The modern eternity ring came to be in the 1960s. The discovery of small uncut diamonds in the Soviet Union led to diamond merchants contemplating how to market them as they weren’t considered large enough for engagement rings. The result was encrusting bands with these diamonds and advertising them to husbands as gifts to present to their wives on occasions such as anniversaries and milestone birthdays, as a mark of post-wedding commitment.

The changing meaning of eternity rings

Though the giving and receiving of eternity rings continues to go from strength to strength, eternity rings haven’t always been associated with romantic gestures. The endless design of a circular band has alternative meanings too.

Interpreted by many cultures and civilisations as representing the circle of life, ancient examples of eternity rings have been found showcasing a snake devouring its own tail – a design that reflects the endless circle of life and death.

In keeping with the theme of life, eternity rings are often gifted to mothers by their partners to mark the birth of their child, lending further sentimental significance to these pieces.

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that love and life should be celebrated in all of its forms, every day. Whether it’s a gift of self-love to honour a personal achievement, or a present from a partner or even a parent, eternity rings can be worn by all – regardless of whether you’re single, in a relationship or married.

Different styles of eternity rings

Though eternity rings tend to comprise of encrusted bands – which are still a much-loved and cherished design – they now come in an assortment of styles and metals to mirror ever-changing symbolism, customs and trends.

For those that covet classic style, this 18ct yellow gold design is a simply joyous choice. Testament to Ernest Jones’ exemplary craftsmanship, the ring spotlights a row of 10 channel set diamonds that radiate lustre. Similarly beguiling, this clawed eternity ring sees 15 eye-catching set diamonds complement the icy polish of the platinum band to perfection.

This fancy cut design is a striking reimagining of the eternity ring. A total of 0.75ct pear and round cut diamonds in multiple sizes – honouring a person’s many characteristics and traits – grace this endlessly enchanting platinum band, resulting in a truly mesmerising finish.

Explore expertly crafted eternity rings at Ernest Jones

From contemporary to classic to everything in between, you can find a host of eternity rings to suit every taste. Whether it’s for yourself or a significant other, discover pieces of the highest quality infused with feeling and designed with love at Ernest Jones in store or online today.