Stacking Wedding and Engagement Rings

How to Match a Wedding Band to an Engagement Ring

When the time comes for you to choose a wedding band that matches your engagement ring, you’ll want to be sure the styles perfectly complement each other. Read on for expert advice that will help you to discover your ideal combination.

7 September 2020 EDITOR - ERNEST JONES

Shopping for your wedding ring and engagement ring separately allows you to create a unique look, and with so many different styles available, you’ll be spoilt for choice. When it comes to choosing a wedding band to match an engagement ring, remember there are no hard and fast rules. But as this is a forever combination, it’s important that you give yourself plenty of time to try different designs and experiment a little.

Things to bear in mind when shopping for a wedding band:
  • Budget: First of all, it’s always a good idea to set a budget that you feel comfortable with. With so many styles available, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise, but it ensures you avoid putting any unnecessary financial pressure on yourself. Spend some time online, getting a feel for the types of wedding band that are within your budget and catch your eye.

  • Complementing your partner’s ring: Whilst this isn’t important to everyone, if you and your partner are thinking of picking wedding rings that match in some way, talk through what sort of styles you both like. The matching element can be as simple as choosing the same coloured metal, or as detailed as perfectly matching designs. With a little research, you’ll quickly come to realise which combinations work for you both.

  • Metals: We’re increasingly seeing brides-to-be deciding to mix the metal colours between their engagement and wedding rings, with very stylish results. Try experimenting with some different combinations to see what you favour more. Just be mindful that if one metal is harder than another, it can lead to scratches on the softer metal, so if, for example, you combined yellow gold and platinum, the softer gold might become scuffed over time.

  • Shaped wedding bands: You’ll find a wide range of shaped and notched wedding bands to choose from, so the fit between the two rings will be perfect, and your engagement stone can still be the centre of attention.

  • Trying on: In your search to find the perfect pairing, there is simply no substitute for trying on and experimenting with a range of styles, designs and metals, so you can get a feel for what you like best. While you might love how a ring looks in isolation, if it doesn’t look or sit right with your engagement ring then, unfortunately, it isn’t the ring for you. The importance of finding a comfortable pairing can’t be underestimated. Because after all, you’ll be wearing them every day forever! A great tip for finding a complementary pairing is to look at the range of wedding rings from the same designer or brand as your engagement ring.

What engagement ring and wedding band pairings work best?

Even though the pairing of rings is a highly personal choice, depending on the style and shape of your engagement ring, there are some classic, harmonious pairings that you might want to consider.

Solitaire Engagement Rings


With its timeless beauty and classic simplicity, finding a wedding ring to match a solitaire engagement ring is one of the easiest pairings. A solitaire features a single stone in a claw setting and, to allow your solitaire to take centre stage, pair it with a minimalist, traditional court or flat wedding ring. If your solitaire has stones set into the shoulders, you could try a shaped wedding band that is set with diamonds to add even more sparkle.

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Halo engagement rings


An elegant, shimmering, halo engagement ring really is a stunning, eye-catching piece of jewellery. Think about pairing it with something equally exquisite, but simple like a delicate court wedding band, so it complements rather than competes. Or, if you do want to ramp up the glamour, you could elect to try a diamond band - an elegant, dainty design often works best as it can sit snugly beneath the higher set centre stone.

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Cluster engagement rings


A cluster engagement ring is a real design statement. Made up of a collection of closely set smaller diamonds, they pair really well with a shaped diamond wedding band that fits your engagement ring perfectly. Alternatively, a crossover or twisted design could be the perfect match.

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3 stone trilogy rings

Three-stone Ring

The classic three-stone or trilogy engagement ring has soared in popularity recently, no doubt partly due to it being the style chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Mirroring the shape of the main centre stone, or even the side stones, in the wedding band creates a very beautiful pairing.

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Coloured Stone Rings

Coloured Stones

If your engagement ring features coloured stones, opting to pair with a wedding band of similar colours creates a sleek, uniform look, whereas contrasting colours make a real statement. Alternatively, a simple and understated band can allow the coloured centre stones to take centre stage.

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Ultimately, pairing your engagement ring and wedding band is a highly personal choice. If you want some inspiration, browse our collection of wedding rings. Or, for more information and answers to the most frequently asked questions, see our wedding ring buying guide. When you are ready to try some designs on, visit us in-store where one of our experienced team will be delighted to help you.