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Online appointment booking is available for selected services in our shops.

General terms common to several services are listed here - see the sections further down for specific services. These are conditions we need you to be aware of before you book a service appointment with us.

  • Our appointment booking system will guide you to your nearest available shop for the service you want, as not all services are available in all our shops. In addition to this, not all product ranges will be available at all our shops - please do ask for further information.
  • Services must be booked by customers aged 18 or over. For services booked on behalf of another, the person attending the appointment will be deemed to have accepted any attendant terms and conditions relating to that service appointment
  • We reserve the right to refuse any appointment booking or to carry out a service appointment if a customer has behaved in an inappropriate, misleading or abusive manner, or if they have continually cancelled appointments without good reason.
  • All appointments booked are subject to availability, and we aim to make sure that we keep every appointment booked. If for any reason we're unable to keep our appointment with you, we'll contact you straight away and make every attempt to find a convenient alternative appointment to suit you.
  • We need to share your information for some services with Booking Bug in order to carry out the appointment.

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